Sprotbrough Falls

Hello I’m new to Grey Arrows and would like to post my first video. Look forward to chatting with you and viewing your posts.


Welcome onboard Frank. I’m relatively new here myself (about 2 weeks) and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as they are a friendly and helpful bunch.

And nice vid - despite spending some early years of my life not a million miles (Timperley and Marple) from Sprotbrough I’d never heard of the falls.

Thank you I’m looking forward to chatting and getting to know other members with same interest in this brilliant hobby, although I’m relatively new to drone flying it started after walking in the countryside and talking to someone who was flying a Spark there. So I bought a Spark and I was bitten by the bug and now have the Spark and a Mavic 2 Zoom.


Welcome to the madhouse, lot’s of info about on here and some top tips

Enjoy :+1:

Thank you Raider:+1:

Welcome @Frank :wave:

A big welcome Frank from one of the regulars on here.
Don’t be afraid to ask , anything !.
Between us we are quite a knowledgeable lot, but, we, like you, had to start somewhere, so please do not think that what may seem a “stupid question” is not worth asking, besides it may save you from an embarrassing moment with your drone.
Happy Flying !!.

Thank you Chris

Cheers mate