St Ives Cornwall

St Ives Cornwall


@Mercy if you share the embed html code in kuula instead of just the link you get a much nicer onebox preview ;o)


@Mercy I love this photo/panorama. Did you just set the drone to do a panorama and then send it to Kuula, or something else?

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Thats usually thte easiest ways although you can use lots of methods to manually stitch the raw images for better quality

Hi what I did was took 360 pano shot with my air 2s. Then took the 26 images from the sd card, put them in autopan giga allowed that to stitch the images together, saved as high resolution.png opened in lightroom made adjustments to image etc. added in a bit of missing sky in photoshop. Then uploaded to kuula.

@adish this guide helped me loads

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