St John the Baptist Anglican Church


A quick look around the Church at Berkswell


How many degrees above horizontal does the Anafi give you? Seems about 60deg @ 0:24.


Nope, it goes to 90 up and down, you can see it better on the deserted stables vid.


For location accuracy (forgive me if you aren’t bothered):
Berkswell is part of the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull, which is part of the West Midlands Combined Authority).
So it is not in Warwickshire (although it once was, and there is some support to return parts of Solihull Borough to Warwickshire)

Did anyone say anything about the height and proximity you were flying to the residential houses around? Or did you get permission?
Wondering, as would quite like to do similar, it is a nice church… But don’t want to get into trouble :confused:


Now - if anyone should have known that ….



Well there you go, I’ve always thought that it was in warwickshire, so my bad!
Several people who were walking their dogs came past, had a quick look and carried on without saying anything, There was one old chap who stopped to talk about what I was doing, so I showed him the view and what it could do. He was quite impressed and is sorely tempted to get one for himself!
As to permission, there was no one around to ask, and during the time I was there no one from any of the buildings nearby came out to say anything, the anafi is substantially quieter than the mavics so I’m guessing that nobody heard anything.
So I used the old saying It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission . (Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper) and just went for it.


Churches specialise in that commodity. :wink:


Indeed, compared to Berkswell I live at the far end of Solihull so can be forgiven!


I have a friend that used to live in Berkswell - and I recall him passing some comment when I thought it was in Warwickshire, so I knew this. :wink: