St Mary's Church, Saffron Walden, Essex- Mini 2

Received permission from the church walden to fly and take footage of my stunning local church, took advantage of great weather and produced this small video, not bad considering only been fly few weeks :man_shrugging:t3:
Hope you all enjoy and happy, safe flying out there.


Great video and nice choice of music. Stunning Church, I must get up there myself soon.

As above comment re video quality and music. An interesting presentation by starting with the close up shots. It left me wanting to see the longer overall shots of the church - which eventually came!

Thank you so much, this is my 1st attempt at this type of thing, still need to work on getting correct ND filter for specific exposures as I filmed this over 2 mornings but still learning and glad you enjoyed it :+1:

Many thanks Chris, glad you enjoyed it :+1:

This is a nice short film and not too bad for only flying for a few weeks. Hope you don’t mind some feedback, but there were some parts of the video that were over exposed and some that looked fine. Were you in auto or manual mode? The colours look very muted, could do with some colour grading. (imho :+1:)

Thanks and always happy to take in feedback. I shot this over 2 mornings this weekend. The first morning was bright and used a ND16 iso 100 and shutter speed 1/60. The second morning was more dull so used a ND8. Still learning all of this but was concentrating on flying this time rather than exposures. But still learning and will gain confidence so need shoot should hopefully be better :crossed_fingers: so all advice is welcome.

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Hi as a fellow new owner of a Mini 2 (only had mine a week), that was a great video, personal preference I’d have had the last shot 1st, and a few scenes a little over exposed, but apart from those very minor points :+1: :+1: :+1: I look forward to see your next video! :smiley:

Hi ya fellow mini 2 flyer, thanks for message and yes I did finda few over exposure footage and will defo work on making next one better as more confident now.
After reviewing this I agree some scenes should have swapped over but I did rush the editting on the DJI app as never used befoee but have learnt from it and make next one better.

Enjoy your mini 2 and happy flying :+1:

Hi great vid. Just done a church myself and about to edit. Can you tell me music as wouldn’t mind using. Lots of comments about exposure and agree. The problem is you lose colours when over exposed so always better to be under exposed and just tickle a little in editing. I always use ND16. A good tip is in bottom right of screen you always get the ev value reading. I always keep this at -0.3 or -0.7. Its just best there i think. I will attach vid of canal i did with these settings and can see.

Feedback welcome

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Hi mate and thanks for message. Loving your video too, especially with dog jumping in water. I will defo work on exposure for next video as I’m going to get out there once weather has improved and basically concentrate on exposure side of it. As for the music the composer is Hans Zimmer and the title of the song is called Time, I love the tune and thought it would work well with my footage. Hope the tune works for your next project and look forward to seeing it :+1:

Thats really great @JaWri77
I took some footage of Winchester Cathedral a few days back and you’d think I stole some panning ideas from you :smiley:
I didn’t I promise it was already filmed. I do plan to share it at some point but you got more variety than I did. You had more bottle to get close up and further away. I tended to sit in the mid distance.

Just out of interest, did you get a copyright claim on your video for using this?

For my first drone video I used a track from what I thought was a rather obscure ambient artist, but YT still picked it up and put in a copyright claim. While in practical terms this just means I can’t “monetize” the video (which I wouldn’t anyway) I decided to re-render the video with my own soundtrack.

If anyone is interested in keeping full control of their videos on YouTube, check out this thread for royalty-free background music.

Hi ya and erm nope I didnt think of copyright tbh, I downloaded and paid for that song ages ago but nothing been mentioned yet but will prob take it down though to be on safe side and use non copyright material in future, thanks for heads up :+1:

Hi @Fad_Flyer thanks for message and great minds think alike :grimacing: I was feeling brave when I flew that high and close and believe me there were a few bum trembling moments but managed to get my drone back safe with no issues. I look forward to seeing your video when postws and steal a few moves of I may for my next video :grinning:

There’s no need to take it down, you’re not actually breaking any rules per se.
If you haven’t had one, I wouldn’t worry about it. :slight_smile:
A copyright claim on YouTube just means the owner of the copyrighted material reserves the right to insert adverts into your video and take the earnings from them. I reality, I suspect for low popularity (no offence) videos this rarely happens.

There’s a good explanation here: Can I Still Monetize My YouTube Channel If I have a Copyright Claim?

Ok cool, I’ll leave as it is for time being, I’m surprised to make double numbers tbh :rofl: but I’ the copyright stuff in details when I have a moment, thanks again