Stand-alone Analogue receiver recommendations?

Now the latest DJI FPV firmware has fixed the AV-in latency issue, (apparently), I’m after a way of using my analogue quads with the DJI goggles without having to take my analogue goggles with me and plugging them in :+1:

I’m after something with diversity and small enough to attach to the head-strap.

I know Eachine have a couple of models - anybody tried one?


The receiver you linked to is specifically made to connect to an Android or Windows 10 device’s USB port. It’s often referred to as a UVC device (USB Video device Class). Unless the DJI goggles specifically support this type of connection I don’t think it will be of use.

I’ve been using one similar to this one for a few years as a backup to my main goggles very successfully.

This outputs a standard analog AV signal.




Cheers Nidge - The Eachine one does also have AV out (tucked away on a connector at the bottom) :+1:

I’ll have a look at the one you linked :slight_smile:

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I’ve found this…

Which looks a bit tidier - however then I have to also get a Fatshark receiver module :man_shrugging:

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My mistake, and you’re quite right, Dave. I use one of the UVC devices with my tablet and failed to remember the small multiport on the base. I’ve now got the compulsion to find a suitable 4pin connector and have a play.

I think the best way will be to use a USB power bank connected to the 5V and Gnd pins using a surplus USB lead and a thin coaxial cable to the video out and Ground pin. It might be possible to power it via the built-in microUSB connector but you may have to disconnect the RX and TX connectors in the cable to ensure a clean video/audio output from the four pin socket.


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I’ve just tried to connect my analogue goggles to the AV in port on the DJI goggles - couldn’t get any display at all - I’m guessing it’s not a 3 pin jack?

I know they are expensive, but I have a TBS Fusion now. They are really good. And it will supply an av out if you wire the jack up to it. But like I say, it’s over £100.

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The question is do you want a full ground station or something for your goggles.

If something for your goggles then if you want I can print you this

Get the other parts and use any module you want!


Something that sits on the goggles :+1:

I’m liking the idea of not opening the goggles which puts the URUAV 5.8G RX port jobby in the lead at the minute - I just can’t find it anywhere in the UK :frowning:

I do like the thought of one of the fusion modules - don’t they combine the two receivers?

Yeah. It stitches them together to get the best of both. Rapidfire is the same.

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The problem for the ones on the strap is they are all on the side of your head. 2 screws to remove the front plate and replace with a 3D printed part. No mods to the goggles required and no voiding warranty

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Aaaahhh! Now I get it! Same deal as the other one from uruav - just making it our-self!
(why is there no Dunce emoji? :rofl:)

Right then - which module do I get? - (it has to be 16:9 though - loves me some widescreen)

Module doesn’t define aspect ratio… the camera does :wink:

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Best of the best is rapidfire, then either truedx or tbs fusion…

Best budget is the pro58

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I was hoping that was the case but I was totally unsure :+1:

Cool - lots of reading to do :slight_smile:

I can’t ******* believe it - when I select AV-in on the DJI goggles I get a mad, multi coloured screen, doesn’t matter if I an AV input connected or not :angry: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’ve tried rolling the FW back and forth - same result… FFS

The AV source works fine and the lead to the goggles has the correct connection… aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!

Update - now it’s working :man_shrugging: - all I did was connect an Xbox 360 up (which worked and was the only other device I have with composite out to hand) and then reconnect the 5.8 receiver back up and bingo - WTF?

I bought this last night - arrived today - works well :+1:

Displayed image is only 4:3 though (I think this is a ‘Missing Feature’ issue with the AV in properties of the DJI goggles though)


Cos your a spanner. :rofl: Just joking wiv ya. I’m well bad with bodging stuff. But we get it working in the end, right?

Here’s my tbs fusion mod to my skyzone’s. Such an improvement over diversity. I went for tbs over rapidfire because of the cost and the future integration with crossfire.

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