Steve From Bolton

Hi All
I have had my drone just over 12 months, I have a mavic 2 pro . I am at the moment trying to get as many war memorials on both photos and drone , to put a video together for next year , this is just a personal project.

I am also into making bits using my 3d printer.

cheer Steve


Welcome Steve. You’ve found the best forum out there. Loads of great guys on here, all are mad, just some are worse than others. Loads of us are flying M2Ps. Hopefully when we do the next meet you will be able to attend
Your project sound interesting. Good luck with it.
The memorial at Morecambe is quite accessible for drone shots. If you are interested.

Hi Steve,

I live way down south on Hayling Island, 4 miles east and 50 years behind Portsmouth. I did live in Manchester for ten years though so I’m familiar with Bolton - or at least the Bolton of 40 years ago.

Interesting how many drone owners also have 3D printers. I have a number of successful PLA prints for my Mavic Air, about 850g of scrap from a 1kg roll of ABS (failed DJI 550 prints) and I seem to be succeeding with my first roll of PETG. What are you printing?

Are you after pictures of any specific war memorials or memorials in general? I’m sure if there are ones that you want pictures of video of but are too far away for you to travel the guys on here can contribute images to your project.

at the moment im doing memorials in Bolton , I am trying to get permission from the local council to do the town centre ones . its going to take 12 months to do I am using both drone and camera to get at the parts inscriptions the drone cant get to .

cheers Steve


Most of my print fails are due to lifting from the bed. But thankfully not that many.

mine did that and sometimes still do , I found out that it was my bed temp and extrude temp that was the problem, I use pla at bed temp 60 and extrude 200 , this works most the time, also a edging of 2 mm

For pla bed temp 60 hot end 210. For abs bed at 100 hot end 240. 3mm skirt. Always the same but 1 in 10 prints lift.

That Nice man in the White coat will be along a little later to tuck me up in bed !.
Oh, welcome Steve from one of the mad buggers !.

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Acrylic lacquer spray from Toolstation on a glass bed works for me for 3d printing. Its a ‘fire and forget’.

Hi Steve welcome to the club👌

Hi Steve, @sparkman999 is a fellow Boltonain and general all round good guy (We met on these very pages)

I think he hibernates for the winter months, but the tag might serve as a poke :wink:

I’m not hibernating I’m just taking a rest

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Hi Steve welcome to the madhouse most of the In-mates have made themselves know
How far afield are you going with the monuments just bolton?

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@stevelyt just a pointer, the memorial at glossop is a nice one. I don’t think you’d get drone footage unless you did it in summer in the early hours.