Stickers to show flyer ID

So as you all know registration opens on the 5th of November and operators will have to put their number on their drone I’m wondering where I could get this?

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I think I am going to use the same generic ebay stick-on labels I use for my kids clothing. You let them know the text you want and size. If they can survive 100+ wash and drying cycles with no damage they can survive drones. About £10.

Good old Dymo for me. If/When I register. :imp:


On of the handiest little gadgets I have got of amazon dymo

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Had mine for about as many years as Amazon have existed … back when they were books only. :wink:

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Haha maybe you could do my labels for me

Dymo S0946320 Label Manager 160 Handheld Label Maker Qwerty Keyboard - Black/Clear

OK guys so where would you put the sticker on an MP, I was thinking of the back of the battery compartment, you would obviously have to take out the battery to see it.

Not sure if there is a minimum size (things will get interesting if there is!) but I’m guessing most people who register will just stick it on the arm, as it has to be visible.

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God knows where I’m gonna attach my ref number on my quads… not a clue where it will fit

This might be a job for laser-etching. :thinking:

That,s IF you register not sure i will bother…:wink:


Hmmm - might “register” … label?

“Well, m’Lud … I guess them Dymo labels don’t stick to the arms so well. It was there when I took off! Honest!”



When i get my mavic mini,i will take it out when flying the mp2 or the Autel evo, and if any problems,will just hover out of sight and show them the mavic mini…:wink::wink::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Props ate my sticker?


Now, there’s an idea!

Those props with LEDs that display text …

“Yes, officer, it does have a label when it’s flying, just not on the ground. If you give me my drone back (and remove the handcuffs) I’ll show you.”


Fab,now that,s feckin brilliant.:+1::+1::rofl::rofl:

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Just print it on a sheet of A4 and tow it behind you.

Like this:



But in all seriousness, I guess this comes down to size requirements of said label.

I don’t have the best eye sight in the world but I can read some seriously small text.