Stitching a 360 on Kuula

Hi All
I used to use Kuula for stitching the 34 pics the Mavic Pro takes for a 360 pano, but not for quite a while and now it seems 25 pics a month is all it allows me to upload, therefore it’s no use to me.
Does anyone know if it’s something that’s changed in their policy to try and get you to sign up as a paid customer?
Yes, before you ask, I am a skint flint, and only use the free version, as I very rarely use it at all.
Can anyone else still do them on the free version?
Wondering if I’m doing something wrong or got a setting wrong?
Or can anyone recommend another free app which will accommodate stitching 34 pics together?
Many thanks in advance :grin::+1:

Kuula does not and never has stitched the files

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Mac or Windows?

For Windows, I’ve downloaded (but not really enjoyed using!) Microsoft Image Composite Editor.


Photoshop or Lightroom - although, personally, I find MICE more reliable.

I’ll use Hugin / PTGui if a stitch needs human intervention.

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AGP for me on Mac, popular too on windows

Seems to be no longer available!

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Check out the thread , people have versions to link to :wink:


Que ?


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Thanks gents
Can anyone recommend an application that can be used on a smartphone or tablet rather than on a PC or laptop?

Android / iOS?

Android please

The only one I’m aware of with reasonable success rate is Bimostitch.

Free give only low resolution output. Paid (don’t recall how much) for full resolution.

I’d suggest testing the free first, See if you get on with it OK.

Back to this bit

If you are uploading as a single photo (not a tour) then you can add 100 a month.

Your Mavic Pro stitches the panorama itself and you can upload this single file to Kuula,

Ahhh, :man_facepalming:
That’s where I’m going wrong

What software in 2022 are you guys using to stitch and edit your 360 panorama for mini 2, PC or Mac I can access both? I see some just upload file from drone to Kuula. No editing required or some use lightroom or is it lightroom and photoshop for edit then to Kuula.

Personally I use Auto Giga Pano , there is nothing better on Mac. (as above)

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link for Autopano Pro/Giga

Not tested it yet but the download works

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Yiu might want I to broaden your search, those links require a licence otherwise it watermarks the output.

Search the forum, lots of info on where to get a working version

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