Stitching photos from Mini 2 together?

I had a play on my DJI Mini 2 the other day with the 360, 180, wide angle photos and was wondering the best way to stich them together, ideally on an ipad?

Quickshots are video , are you wanting to join them to make a longer clip ?

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Ah no i mean the photo options like 360, 180, wide angle

If you want more than the images that the app stitches for you, you’re better off with a Mac or PC for stitching.

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the app stiches them for you!? Do they just appear in the folder on the memory card?

I’ve just had a look on the memory card and theres another folder called Panorama and whith in there is a folder for each of the panoramas with all the relevant images but none are stitched together

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Go into the Fly App > Gallery. Select the 180 or 360. Then create them in there. This will also download the result to your phone, which you can then use wherever you want.

That said, it is worth pointing out that this process uses the low res JPGs, and not the hi res DNGs. That may be fine for your use case. If not, check out this thread.

The contents of this folder is used if you want to manually stitch it on a PC.


Not sure if there is a decent iPad workflow though Chris which is what @sgeary was asking

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I thought the op wasn’t aware of how to get the final stitched result, regardless of platform :man_shrugging:

As in …

Yeah still unsure how you do it in app either if theres a guide about?

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Open the app and then the album

Click on the panorama it will build and download to your phone photo album

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Hi if I’m thinking right , I tried this when I first got my drone last year , it made a little video with the photos and was easy go to create within the fly app where it says album , if this is not what your looking for sorry for posting , image attached

That opens the built in editor, not needed for this

Sorry my bad

I do mine automatically in Lightroom

Does the iOS version now do that ?, OP was (ideally) looking for iPad solution

Your tablet do them automatically but you only able to view it as a 360° or 180° while in the dji fly app otherwise your need a 3rd party app on your tablet to view from album.

You can take the SD card out of drone use a pc or Mac, first folder has a low resolution jpg Of the pano, you will find a distorted stretched jpg this will be your Pano.

I would recommend to install fspviewer as it’s a simple right click on the Pano jpg and select Fspviewer and instantly view it as a 360° or 180°

It’s free for Mac and Windows

I’ve tested a fair few stitching programs and some are totally crap some get 90 % done but distorted or blank view ever straight above or below. Only one I say without needing another program to fix sky or blanks would be PanoramaStudio 3 and as you can see from my desktop I’ve covered most programs.

I found to the get the best quality using the pictures in the other folder called panorama and be individual folders holding 180° 9 raw pictures or 360° 26 raw pictures on your SD card by using a program called “Kolor Autopano Giga” and Photoshop for final editing.

Insta studio or Theta V both good for this :wink: