Storage Charging DJI Batteries

It may have been discussed, but have had a decent search and whilst the “DJI batteries will de-charge themselves” has been discussed which is fine. I wanna know how people “storage” their DJI batteries. Looking at the chart 3.8V (storage) is 40%…

So if I charge a bit over (to 2 lights solid), and then run in hover or on ground the drone (Mini2, Avata, DJI FPV), to 40% would this suffice? I don’t like or trust the BMS on the batteries to do it yourself, and also don’t like leaving batteries at 100% for a week!

I fly, then I put the batteries away.

Some of the batteries might be 60%, some might be 10%, some might be 100% :person_shrugging:t2:

You should, that’s their sole job in life :blush:

It’s a high street consumer DJI battery that’s been designed to manage itself, don’t over think it :smiley:

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Well I don’t leave my other lipos at 100 if I’ve not used them for a week! And I believe they bring themselves down to 70% which isn’t long enough?

I try to charge them to 3 lights but most of the time I forget :joy:

There are some management modes you could try :wink:

If I land one of my DJI drones with a really low battery, a message will pop up in screen saying it’s critically low and to recharge soon. It disappears off screen fairly quickly so easy to miss.

I think it’s to encourage me to get the battery up away from a low percentage soon.

I am the same. I just fly and that is it. I try to remember to keep them charged in case I want to go out rather then trying to work out when to charge to go out. As we are out tomorrow (hopefully) they are on charge.

Yeah, and they happier and last a lot longer at 40%ish (for lipos, which I believe the FPV, Mini 2, are, the avata Liion?)

Leaving em fully charged all the time will ruin them, at least let them self discharge after a few days!

Oh yeah sorry, did not mean they are plugged in 24 7 but i guess i should et them discharge a little more then just one dot flashing. I have read different comments online that clash one says you can store in charger in carry box (not plugged in) and one said to 3d print a bat to hold them up off charging pins. A lot on things conflict so difficult to decide best way. At the big meet @Indy-Garden had quite a cool charger that charged up to (i think 60%) for stotage, is that the best option. We sometimes go out a few days a week with the drones looking for places to fly. Got to try and rotate the drones when flying to keep all the batteries happy.

I think the Mini 2 (or one of the early Mini series drones) had a bug where the batteries would not self-discharge in the battery charger/caddy. It was fixed with a firmware update. My Mini 2 batteries certainly self-discharge in the caddy as they’re supposed to.

So that is a vote for ok in the caddy. (Which is what I do right now lol)

A press of the side button would confirm if it reveals maybe 3 or 3.5 lights’ worth of charge after a few days.

I just take a battery out and back in again lol, so another thing learnt. Cheers.

Just a quick reminder that pressing a button on the battery (or activating the lights by any other means) restarts the discharge timer on DJI batteries :blush:

eg. If you’ve set them in the app to discharge after ten days and you press the battery button on day six, you’ll need to wait another 10x days from that point before they start to discharge themselves.

Do they have a BMS / intelligent discharge system built in Martin? (sorry, not sure if you’re referring to DJI lipos)

Not sure that’s true on the latest generation of batteries

Oh no. I bring them home and get them to 3.8 x (cell count) as soon as possible. Total manual process, but have full control! This is if they at 100%, 20%, etc, etc… Makes them last longer! Just thought about it last week when charged my two DJI FPV batteries to 100%, then didn’t use them… I don’t want them sitting there for ages on 100% as it destroys them. I try and charge the day or night before flying, and then store them ASAP when home. This “clever” DJI stuff stops me manually doing it!

Edit: And they say more than 1 day at full charge (or empty) will not do them good. Shame can’t charge to storage from empty on these DJI BMS’s

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Oh? The latest lipos you mean?

I wonder why they’d change it after all these years? :thinking: Tell me more :blush:

I.e. just started charging this wing one for tonight from 3.8v (storage) per cell

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But these will discharge themselves? As part of the built in BMS? :thinking:

What’s that telling me Wayne mate? :thinking: