Strobe LED's



Has anyone fitted the Flytron Cree LED’s to their Mavic 2 Pro. I have a couple and want to fit them to my aircraft but I’m not sure where to put them that won’t interfere with aerodynamics or sensors.

Any advice would be most welcome.

On another note, I have had this thing for two weeks now and have yet to get to off the ground, when I’ve had the time to do it the weather has been poor (to say the least). Are there any apps you can get to improve the weather???



There are a number of threads on strobe LEDs …


I fitted them to the front legs, used strong Velcro, UNTIL…I tried to take off in the dark and the flashing of the strobes fooled my MP2 into thinking there was an obstacle and it started to fly backwards trying to avoid the ‘obstacle’.

So I then fitted just the 1 strobe to underneath the craft so I could see it in the air at night.

Since then I bought a set of pgytech landing leg extensions complete with Cree lamps, they cost about the same but fit better AND they don’t interfere with any sensors.

There’s a photo of the moon AND my MP2 at 250,000 miles and 500 feet respectively.


Did you ever try fitting to the underside of the rear arms as I had done, @Brian? I’ve never experienced any issues - 360 degree visibility - stay on 24/7 - don’t get in the way - arms still fold without removing them - can access easily to recharge - no impact on airflow - etc.


I did think about underneath the rear arms. And in retrospect after my scary flight it seems a good place. I thought I’d share my experience of fitting them to the front arms, facing forward.
I do like the strobon crees because they are small and light, however having had the batteries on them suddenly die in flight, I’ve decided to use them as a back up to the pgytech lamps and use one at a time so that I have a fully charged spare in my bag ready to change if required.


?? Mine last over the quoted 5 hours of use. Far longer than my MP batteries last! I recharge after use and routinely top them up every couple of weeks even if not used since. Coincidentally I recharged them this morning.


Mine only last about a an hour or so.


Send them back and get them replaced if they’re not doing the quoted time. :wink:


Will do.


Shortly after our posts earlier, and having only recharged this morning, I did a test and got 4 hrs 50 mins.


I have a set. Attached the the mavic2 with velcro. Not experienced any problems…


Have you tried flying in pitch dark with them attached to the front arms, facing forward?
Velcro works for me as well. But I’m not 100% happy that it’s as secure as can be against the down draught of the props. I don’t want to cable tie them on as I want to be able to remove them easily for charging rather than have the whole Mavic laying about just to charge up the strobes.
The skin looks great, very visible, who makes them please.


Not had any night flights just yet…i put them on for extra visibility (and they look cool lol)

yes the standard cammo grey is near invisible if you take your eyes off for a second flying below the tree line… hi viz yellow I call it…

I got it from these guys…

skin is cheap but carrier expensive… I did search but couldnt find a UK seller at the time …


Going to fully charge mine and test.


Thanks for the info. I skinned my first Mavic for extra visibility, you are right, the camo Grey is a bugger to spot sometimes.


Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I see some posts above and on other sites about night flying, is this permitted? (not trying to be the drone police, just asking)


Currently, there are the same restrictions on flying at night as during the day. IE. Not higher than 400 feet no closer than 1km to an airport and you must maintain a visual line of sight at all times with your aircraft. The last item tends to be somewhat easier during darkness.


Hi Megalot, I use UAV forecast, you can adjust the setting to suit you, it’s free but you can pay and get a longer forecast.