Strobe mounted at rear of drone

The old eyes aren’t what they used to be these days and whilst I can work out where I am in the sky with JayForce One I sometime momentarily lose sight of him…so I was wondering what the general consensus was on the practicalities of mounting a small flashing wire type rechargeable strobe to the rear of the machine. I’ve seen some videos online and some of these strobes are hella bright which would aid massively in locating the little guy as well as making him more visible as well.


I use two Strobon CREE LEDs, one on each rear arm, one pointing forwards and one pointing backwards.

Certainly helps!

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Few colours available too (mine are both white):

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I have these also their so bright.

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I use 3 Strobon leds setup like navigation lights.

1 on each rear arm pointing forwards, green and red.

1 white on rear.


Cheers all…Well I’ve ordered me a nice white one to stick on JayForceOne’s bum so I can see him from far away. Seems a smart way to fly .

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Me too 3 set-up like navigation lights


me too, however I’m not 100% convinced the cree ones are any brighter than the non-cree ones…

Non -Cree

Cree -

I used some Velcro at first, worked a treat. I was a bit worried about them potentially coming off but I used decent velco, no probs.

But… as I am still suffering from a bad dose of accessory-itis I have since bought a couple of these: DJI Mavic Pro STROBON Cree Strobe Light Mounts | Phantom Help

I like the invisible rear left one! I’ll get 4 of those! :wink:

Lol :smiley:

Rear leg clips are interchangeable, the front ones aren’t :wink:

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They just need to use invisible plastic in the 3D printer for all of them. :wink:

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Strobe came today. What was I thinking.

I opened it, pressed the on button in order to see what the teeny tiny cree chip could throw out in the way of softly pulsing strobe to act as a guide for distance flight.


The spots have finally gone away. Next stop mounting and testing. You’ll probably see me in the news getting arrested after I’ve blinded the whole town amongst a swathe of UFO reports.



Reminds me of ordering 8 high-strength magnets.
Blood-blisters on about 5 fingers within seconds of getting them out of their safe packet … complete with multiple warnings! LOL


Are you planning on night flying?

They are crazy bright at night. I flew out 1km to test and impossible to miss.

Bit painfull on the eyes when you bring it back to land though.

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I had this exact problem!!

It was pitch black dark in the back garden when I took off and sure enough when trying to bring it back in all I could see was strobing white lights… I still see it now when I shut my eyes…

Need to be able to remote switch on/off … or pop a couple of NDx32 filters in your eyes, monacle style. :wink:

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Colours of strobes are not often easy to see (which is why nav lights are always constant).
Are the red/green strobes noticeably red/green to assist with orientation … even in daylight?

Having 3 white in the mounts that @PingSpike posted must be good for orientation … except, perhaps, when side on. Hmmm …

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From my limited test in daylight they did help with orientation but I didn’t take it too far out.

As red and green face forward and white to the rear, when your side on you don’t see much at all.

Rotate the mavic untill you see white or red/green and you know where your facing.

Night time is a different story, I reckon you would see the strobes and colours from a good few miles away. Appropriate colours visible from all angles.

I bought them more to make Mavic more visible to aircraft than to help with orientation.

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