Struggling to contact Brize Norton ATC

Hi all,

I’m a first time poster so forgive me if my search for info both here and elsewhere should have given me an easy result and I’m too daft to have seen it.

I’m a A2 CofC certified operator looking to do some commercial work for a client (I’m a commercial ‘ground based’ photographer who uses their drone for certain work.)

My client has a Care Home within the Brize Norton CTR that they’d like photographs and some video footage of, all of which would be within their property boundaries (so no other issues beyond getting permission from Brize Norton…I think.) However, tracking down a relevant contact number has proven impossible. I’ve contacted the MOD, checked and tried Brize Norton direct through their switch board - I’ve been connected to ATC via the last method but the phone has just rung and rung before clicking off - I understand they’ll be very busy and I may just need to keep trying. I’m also aware that I may need to make a Non Standard Flight application but I’m not sure that is required if ATC approve the flight.

I was just hoping some of you may have some advice or experience that may prove useful

Is there a number on the dronescene map if you click on the NFZ?

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There is, yes:

More info here @MagnusArtorius

Brilliant, thank you - I managed to miss that.

Although, it’s a number I found elsewhere but they weren’t answering the phone. I suppose they’re just very busy and I need to keep trying.

Thanks for your help

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A number and an email: (The email is probably the wrong department but they should punt it across to the right people)


For information regarding the RAF Brize Norton Control Zone, please contact Air Traffic Control on 01993 897785.


Visitor Operations

Tel: : +44 (0)1993 89 5315


Visitor Operations Normal Working Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm

Airfield Operating Hours: 24/7, 365.

Please Note:

PPR requests are to be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance (passenger and cargo flights must PPR 72hours in advance).

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Hi I fly in the Brize area and it is all controlled by the Duty Operations Manager, You will need to telephone them and pass all you details.

01993 896500

Great bunch of guys who will always help.



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That’s three different phone numbers you have now @MagnusArtorius

Please let us know which one is correct :blush:

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@macspite and @Scuba01 Thanks for the information. I’ll try them again today using the info provided.

I’ll come back and let you know how I got on.

Thanks again, you’ve all been a huge help.

I managed to speak to the Duty Ops Manager (on 01993 896500) and have been given the green light subject to calling back on the day to check air traffic.

He was very helpful and far more relaxed about the whole thing than I expected. I’d got my Flyer ID, Operator ID, Insurance details and information about drone category, A2 CofC ect etc all ready - none of which he was interested in.

This will be my first time flying in any controlled airpsace and I was, despite covering some of these things within the A2 CofC, nervous about ensuring I got things right and had the relevant information to hand.

Thank you all for sharing your knowledge, experience and time, it’s been hugely helpful to me.


Thanks for confirming :slight_smile:

ATCs in general tend to not care about all that, they only really want to know when you’ll be in the air and where.

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That’s my experience too. They just want to know what that blip is on the RADAR if it shows up and who’s controlling it.

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ATC also very much appreciate the “I’m on site and will take of in ten” and the “Mission complete, thanks for all your help” phone calls :slight_smile:


That’s interesting - so it’s a good suggestion to phone back and let them know you’ve landed and are leaving the area. Duly noted, thanks.

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Letting them know you have finished is good. And they definitely like the courtesy of being thanked for their help!


Just a heads up that you might need a document to upload to unlock the zone from DJI (assuming it is not self-unlocking)

I saw something somewhere on the interwebtubes whilst searching for information around this that mentioned unlocking via DJI. Thanks for the reminder, would be hugely embarrassing in front of my client if it won’t even get off the ground.

You can try unlocking now well in advance.

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If you have your credit card etc. details on your DJI account you can self-unlock on site with a text message code to the phone bound to the account.

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Checking my intended flight location via the DJI Fly App it looks like I’ll be in a yellow ‘Warning Zone’ where the app will give me a warning prompt but not restrict my flight.

Looking at the map I’m surprised at just how close to the RAF base you have to be to be within the DJI restricted flight zone. Not that I’m complaining of course!

This whole thing has been an excellent learning opportunity, until now it’s all been very straight forward with no restrictions or permissions, beyond my client as the landowner, necessary.

DJI makes a lot of stuff up for these. Don’t rely on them as the accurate flight restriction zones in law, of course.