Stuck on IMU Initializing

I’d used two batteries and had returned to base to swap in the third.

Base was a park bench, with my landing pad about 5m away from me.

So I changed batteries, powered up, then moved the Mavic to the landing pad.

In doing so, I seem to have got stuck on this warning (see red bar, top left):

Nothing happened, it just sat on this warning. After a minute or two I powered it down, waited a minute, then powered it up - I didn’t move it this time. Everything went green pretty much right away this time.

Anyone seen this before? Think it was due to me powering up then picking it up and moving it?

I’ve powered up and moved the drone loads of times and never had a problem. I’d just put it down to a one off and keep an eye on it. Mine was playing up the other day so I just re-calibrated everything and it’s been fine since.

It is quite a complex bit of kit and it’s doing loads during initialisation, things are bound to go wobbly every now and again.

Not something I have come across before, but did you try doing an IMU Calibration?

Make sure you are on a very flat level surface and far away from anything metallic

No, I’ve never done an IMU calibration ever…

Tomorrow I plan on doing a firmware update, so I’ll do both a compass and IMU calibration straight after :+1:

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