Sub 250g drones in A1

I have the Mavic Mini 2 and just wondering if there is a minimum height if flying over private property? Ive seen many articles on google saying 50m but can’t see that anywhere in the new 2021 rules.

Thanks in advance

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What does Good 2 Go say?

And/or the Drone Code?


It doesn’t say in either. Ive just completed the A2 CofC and nothing in that.


You’ve used Good 2 Go, you’ve read the new Drone Code and you’ve passed the A2 CofC, but you don’t know how far away you should be from buildings? :thinking:

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the question completely, so apologies in advance :blush:

By “flying over private property”, I’m assuming you’re meaning privately owned buildings, houses, etc.

Not a privately owned farmers field in the middle of the countryside (which the farmer would consider private “property”).

If you can clarify, we’ll be able to find the answer for you :slight_smile:


Im well aware of the distances for the A2 category but the A1 says I can fly a sub 250g drone over non involved people. I can fly the drone over residential, recreational and industrial, so my question is how far can someone fly over someones house? is doesn’t state if there is a minimum distance when flying over private property, like houses or garden for example.

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@paulbags do you mean what is the respectful height above that you cann fly above them to ensure you respect their privacy?

50m above them springs to mind but trying to remember where I’ve read that

Yes, but Im wondering if there is anything official rather than what the pilot might deem to be respectful

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There is no limitation with A1 subcategory, which is why 99.7% of drones purchased in 2021 are sub 250g. But you still need to factor in data privacy laws, especially if recording.

Thats what I was thinking it must be. I was just a little surprised with all the new rules there isn’t a rule like 50m above someones garden or property in general.

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Don’t go giving them ideas.

Out of curiosity why did you do the A2 ?


I have a Mavic Mini 2 and Air 2. Im selling the Air soon and getting a C2 when they start selling them!


Waiting game ;o(

It sure is. Im loving the Mavic Mini 2 so the wait is being made easier. Are you going to be getting one when they start selling them?

I’m guessing Chris will be buying another drone before 2023 :smiley:

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Just being pedantic I know but there is no such thing as a Mavic Mini 2 is there?

There is a “Mavic Mini”, ie. the Mini 1.

But DJI dropped the “Mavic” part from the name of the Mini 2, so it’s just a “Mini 2”.

I think we all know what’s meant by a Mavic Mini 2 though.

Is this a genuine question or have you just got too much spare time? There’s being pedantic and just being plain ridiculous

Yes I have lots of spare time but I don’t have the time to just be rude for the sake of it.


Hi guys,
My first reply.

You must follow rule for UNINVOLVED people in the A1 (C0) category (to avoid flying over people (and containers for people [cars, houses, buildings, etc] when possible).

You must accept that there will be moments when avoidance is impossible, or will be for the least amount of time. You cannot HOVER over uninvolved people, and flight time over them must be limited.

So… you CAN fly over INVOLVED property or INVOLVED people (not an assembly of people) in the A1 (C0) category… but as you do not know how many people are in an unknown building, the building becomes an assembly of people.

An assembly of people is deemed to be a group of people that could not escape quickly/easily from a UAV FAIL. So… 3-8 people in an average-sized garden is okay, but 25 people in the same garden is a NO-GO.

This escalates: Flying over unknown buildings, that have unknown gardens is NO-GO. You may have VLOS with the drone, but no VLOS of the flight path.

To answer your question: COMMON SENSE, and down to a minimum of 5m seperation in Tripod mode (>50m in any other mode).

I believe the ‘low speed mode’ you quote isn’t tripod mode, the new ‘low speed mode’ that will be on the yet to be released C classified drones