Suggestions for Mansfield

Evening everyone,

I’m heading to Mansfield later this month for a course, I thought whilst I’m there it would be foolish not to fly my new baby (Mavic zoom).

So suggestions of places to fly in the area please…

To the east of Mansfield is Clipstone Forest (aka Sherwood pines Forest Park). There are open areas in and around the park and I can’t see any restrictions on the area. Might be worth a look.


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Thanks I’ll check it out :+1:

You can fly at Pleasley Colliery, just outside Mansfield . Wide open space I’ve flown here a few times it’s on dronescene

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That’s fantastic. My course is at Napit in pleasely, Thanks :blush:

You can certainly fly around Clipstone and there are the Headstocks from the colliery you fly close to (beware large bird of prey nest at the top though so may be a little aggro from the bird)

Also if you want a concrete standing to launch from beside an old base for a steam railway water tower use what three words app and look up location ///quoted.compliant.doghouse

I’m really looking forward to this trip. So much to see. :blush:

If you’re around over a weekend or next week then give me a shout, I’ll fly with you :smile:

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Great idea but I’m not up your way for a couple of weeks yet… :pensive:. I’ll give you a shout when I’m there :+1: