Sunday 27th March - Change venue, now Chesterfield Bando

@benb1202 and myself were discussing a meet when he gets back from his travels, and a place he’s been before is Loxely. I’d aim to get there around 10ish and make a day of it, though we can discuss times.


One of Bens videos:

Apparently there a river nearby…

Also it’s mothers day I believe…

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It’s a good site…
The river is not an issue, you can avoid it.

I’ll be going to the last ever Drone Circle tinywhoop day though.

Have fun!

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Yeah I will if it rains! Was my original plan, before Ben asked. Indoor or outdoor. I know what I’ll pick. There first outdoor is first weekend in April? Excellent site that one, and can work out the back of your car!

Unfortunately I’m booked up for every Sunday in April.

There’s just one Saturday free.

To be fair Loxley isn’t bad in the rain anyway… there’s loads of stuff to fly around inside…

I’ve been wanting to fly this place for a while but sadly I’ve other commitments being both Mother’s Day and my daughters birthday.

Will look forward to the inevitable crash videos

No… I wont. James has covid so has cancelled it…

So… don’t want to be too early at Loxley. Apparently brendan needs his beauty sleep…

Whoop whoop, joining us then?

Covid? Meh… Still outdoor better than indoor…

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Thats the plan

Great. Ben back Saturday can sort times think just the 3 (4 Inc Brendan} of us. I did think with bandos be nice to have yiths ladders in case too :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I might be along, too. Not sure if we have anything else in the pipeline for Sunday, but it’s odds-on that I’ll be free.

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I’ll bring all that. Personally I will be avoiding roofs.

yeah but you never know… cheers mate. Weather still looking good, fingers crossed for a good session!

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Due to unforeseen circumstances Ben is unable to join us, and myself and @Yith spoke this morning and decided to change the location to the “Chesterfield” bando. We’re aiming to arrive somewhere between 10:30 and 11:00.

Location is now here: Google Maps

I can’t edit the thread title it seems. @Yith yith where do we park?

@Earwig Hope you can still come. Looking forward to it :slight_smile: I have charging capabilities too now :wink:

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Done :slightly_smiling_face:

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Still coming. :slight_smile:


Good location this. Had VRX issues which took a while to sort (different antennas in the end). Going to check all my footage out now.

Nice to see a new face @Jon-Denise who starting out with a tinyhawk S (same as I took to my first grey arrows meet). As you see we crash a lot. And your flying by the end was getting there!

Ooooh and did a few power loops so hope caught all that on camera!

See you all soon!


Yeah, really good day. Our best time at that bando, we managed to do a lot more actual flying through the buildings than ever before. We’ve been there quite a few times, since its only 10 mins from our house.

Of course what made it particularly good was the excellent company!

So much video to go through… so much… argh! And because I’m overwhelmed by video I just bought a Gopro Hero 7 Black on facebook… That will be saved for special occasions, not bando bashing!


Brenden can try that out for you


Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Jez, Martin, Richard and Brendan for looking after us today, we learnt a lot (we’re deciding to take up golf!) not really. First flight with goggles (not very good at it but loads of fun). Good location, plenty of room and we had lots of laughs. Thanks all for your patience and help, we had a great time. Hope to see you all soon. Jon&Denise :man_mage: :owl: