Sunrise over Bewl water

Last weekend I had a bit of a lads weekend away hitting the mountain bike trails at Bedgebury Forest.
We stayed at a campsite just a couple of miles out from Bewl water and on the first morning I woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed while everyone else was sleeping off their hangovers so I decided to take a quick ride out to get to the reservoir before sunrise.

And here we go. :slight_smile:


Stunning sunrise, well done :star_struck:

You’ve just earned yourself the Golden Hour Flyer badge :clap:


And for those who love symmetry, 2:04 is a super shot …



My OCD very much approves of this.

star trek enterprise going through a worm hole :rofl:

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I don’t think I would ever get that timing again!

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Some great footage that you have there

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I hope you do! But in reality, those kind of shots are left to chance :wink: Still, you should be chuffed that you managed to capture it :+1:

Absolutely. I chewed through two batteries trying to get a low level trucking shot of some geese flying just above the water but the luck wasn’t with me on this occasion.

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Fantastic! absolutely gorgeous

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Liked and commented on your YouTube channel. Stunning Sunrise :star_struck:

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Thank you. Appreciated. :slight_smile:

No words to describe Fantastic! absolutely gorgeous :heart_eyes:

Beautifully done, stunning video​:clap::clap::clap:

Amazing footage really enjoyed watching it.