Sunset at Kenilworth Castle


wow this is so cool - great shots and having the 360 effect in it just makes it so much more immersive and fun.

Need to have a go at doing this myself.


Thank you, it was a nice flight. And yes I agree I love the 360 panos they are awesome they really capture the moment :grin:

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Are you able to share a little bit of info on how you did it ?

I get that its basically muli pano’s that are done then stitched via that site. I have a mavic mini that does not do pano shots via the quick shot features but its not that tricky to do panos and stitch in software.

Guess its just the time to do it really and just taking the manual approach to it all and keeping an eye on what you have taken photos of already - but well worth the the effort for shots as stunning as the one you have done here - full screen is so fab - spent a good 15 or so mins just scrolling around and having a good look.

The Mavic Air 2 does it all for you and is how I took this shot it even stitches it for you as well I just had to upload it to Kuula for display purposes.

But if you go on youtube there are loads of great videos on how to achieve the same results manually but like you say does require alot more work while taking the photos to be stitched together to avoid streamlines. hope this helps.

And I’m glad you enjoyed the image comments like that is what makes the effort worth while :grin: so thank you :ok_hand:t2:

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Looks like I will have to do it old school then haha - that Kuula site has a load of info to help - now for some decent weather.

Hope you will do more of them shots as they are really different from static images and video - offen you see something in a video and just as your looking at the details etc the camera pans off or you see a pic but your interested in something that is just off to the edge of the image - with these cool pano’s you can just move the image to see what you want to see - its a cracking good use of the tech for sure.

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I try and do one at each site I fly so keep a look out will be posting more for sure :+1:t2:

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It does look great. Nicely done.

Whenever I’ve tried to do that myself, there are some issues on the sky exposure. So, where the photos are stitched together, you can see as the photos have overexposed areas that make it look very unnatural. On yours looks great. Maybe the trick is not to take them when the sun is out (?).

Look at this example:

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@Mind_the_gap The strip at the top will turn into a circle on the 360 and is usually hidden scroll upwards on my image I have the same thing it’s where the drone can’t look straight upwards so it colour matches the sky and blends it in. If you upload that image to your kuula account it should look fine :+1:t2:

Here is the flat version of my image above:

The same line is visible in my image too.


Or replace the sky


Did they call you skymaster by any chance? :wink:

Amongst other things :wink:

these things are brilliant! good job!

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Thank you :grin: