Survey: Will you be buying a new drone in 2018?

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  • Are you kidding me?

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Here’s a bit of fun for the new year while we wait for the weather to clear up. How likely are you to spend even more money on a new drone (assuming you’ve shelled out serious cash for one already) in 2018?

Already word is spreading of new drones across all price ranges coming this year. Will DJI’s global dominance be seriously challenged or cemented even further? Are you intrigued by new, lost-cost offerings like the Ryze Tello?

So tell us your plans for 2018 by voting above and commenting below. Let’s take the temperature of the growing Grey Arrows membership.

I’m still trying to justify the cost of the Mavic to the mrs. :man_facepalming:


After getting through three Mavics in 2017, I’m hoping to not get another!

But… I’m not sure I’ve been cured of my accessory-itis just yet… :smiley:

Hmm, that’s a whole new survey! :wink:

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Definitely a Mavic 2 when it rocks up. The Mavic is my go to travel companion, beats taking a phantom sized quad, car and all while trying to have spare kg for undies

If I have some spare cash later this year it’s an Inspire 3 when that lands followed by my PfCO. I think I could pimp her out for engineering surveys.
I may build something else… I’ve not got a tricopter and the is a spare Alien 450 in one of my boxes.

If you have never built anything I highly recommend it. The satisfaction is far more immense.

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I want a race drone… the freestyle stuff you see has always interested me… more sence of flying than you do with the mavic, more imersive fpv :slight_smile:

I’m with you on that on Reuuc. I to am after a freestyle drone. I know what I’m going to go for. Just need to find myself a half decent simulator.

UAV drones on youtube had a good simulator which you can edit all the PIDS to make it more realistic, only thing they said was that it feels a little ‘floaty’

I was toying with buying the Eachine x220 but later decided I would rather build my own as a little project. my frame is on its way and I have other things waiting in the basket until payday where I will buy ‘some’ of it :slight_smile:

Bought my M Pro end of 2017. Though will be eager to see the MPMk11
I’d like to see better camera . Same sensors and gesture controls as the Air and improved connectivity. But im still having too much fun with the mk1and loads to learn…
Its like many hobbies where some guys have got to have the latest gear yet not reached the potential with what they have. Still if you like to splash the cash …

In answer to the thread topic … first let me know the precise specs of everything that will be released during the year, including prices … so that I can make this decision in a logical and informed manner. :wink:

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You missed off the “Already bought one” option :slight_smile:


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At the rate things are going we’ll have to add an ‘already bought two or three’ category! :smiley:

Welcome to GADC, Ian, great to have you with us. I’ve enjoyed your YouTube videos for some time. Hope we’ll be befitting from your advice and help in the months ahead.