Sutton park, Sutton Coldfield

Powel’s Pool, Sutton Park (Boldmere gate) the largest of the Park’s seven pools, at around 28 acres.

“The Concrete Corvette” Sutton Coldfield’s Sea Cadets’ training vessel


Be wary of park rangers here as there they do have a constant presence here. One of the more likely places you’ll be asked to stop flying during peak times due to Birmingham councils ‘draft’ drone policy in their parks which is unenforceable but attempts to hide behind the park byelaws, basically banning all drone flights from Council run parks.

Just remember the rangers won’t know drone codes and are just being told what to do as part of their job, so try to be polite to them if you are indeed asked to stop flying and pack up.

The sea cadets will also ask you to stop flying if they are present on the lake. (Mainly due to kids and GDPR)

Also don’t think your safe by flying at the flying club site in the park too - they seem to be very protective over who fly’s there - might have something to do with the proximity of BXH and its location but did see someone being screamed at by someone there a few years back

i was only there for 10 minutes or so tucked away amongst some trees at the far edge of the pool, i have looked into the councils drone “policy” and it seems they are trying to attach it to the bylaw that prevents me from driving my car on to the park “prohibit the driving of any vehicle” and because drones are also called “unmanned aerial vehicles” they are trying to apply the same rules.

oxford english dictionary “vehicle” - “any self-propelled device, for example, an aircraft or a car, tank, or truck, designed to transport people as well as cargo.”

ill ask the judge is they want to hop on my mini 2 and ill fly them around the court room :slight_smile:

I’m not even sure they run anymore to be honest.

In all the times I have been to the park I have only ever seen it used once and that was many years ago. The over reaction person to the drone pilot was not long after I had seen them flying model planes in the area. There is some signage near the parking about it but as you say - no idea if its even valid.

The old club (from what I was told) no longer exists and moved to somewhere Lichfield way I think. The one that’s got a website now only fly on Friday and Saturday afternoons from 2.00pm. The website is not finished (since 2017!) so it doesn’t sound promising.

Maybe the grey arrows could take over the space? :thinking:

I thought that as well.

would be nice if an air club could take over that space but I suspect its a tricky one to do - it also looks like that area might fall foul of a DJI GeoZone too and with councils being more and more anti drones I suspect we will be shot down before we even get to suggest the idea.

all you can do is ask :slight_smile:

So who from grey arrows needs to ask?

I would think that would be down to the committee - About - Grey Arrows Drone Club UK

Exactly the same as the NT as far as I can recall. :smirk:

The new name is “UAS, Unmanned Aerial System” so they can’t get you on that!

That’s why i flew my drone there, just kept out the way so i didn’t bother anyone. Fly until you’re told you can’t :smiley:

@OzoneVibe @Sparkyws @PingSpike @clinkadink
Hi, not sure if this needs to be done by a committee member or if you’re happy for one of us to take the initiative, in sutton park, sutton coldfield theres is a area of land set aside for model aircraft flying by members of the sutton model aero club however this club seems to be MIA since 2017 judging by their website so if we could make contact with the “Sutton Park Advisory Committee” could we ask for it to be assigned to the grey arrows?

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Thank you for the consideration, Grey Arrows Drone Club is not looking to acquire any flying fields at the moment.