Swapping/infilling sky on pano's

Following the great advice i was given yesterday by Dave @OzoneVibe. I found this video on youtube that gives a great tutorial including some links for nice sky files.

Works in Photoshop too.

Dronepan is a great free app but again only for IOS users


Yeah - there’s an embryonic initial beta of Dronepan for Android … but since it’s version 1.0.0 and it’s 15 months old, I don’t think I’ll try it.

I have to say my personal preference is to leave what isn’t part of the initial image files as a solid colour. Even Hangar does the same (emblazed with their name.)

I have thought about taking manual wide-angle photo straight up at the time I’m taking the pano (if it’s overhead) and using that to fill in the sky. But that would only work on a day with crisp/clean cumulous clouds for it to correctly position the top image. Something to play with one day.

As I found out yesterday a content aware fill in Photoshop also works quite well.

I’m gonna experiment over the weekend on getting the shots in the first place DJIGO, Litchi, Hangar and Dronepan are all on the list.

Watch this space, and prepare for many panoramas of Drax Power.

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I’ve previously experimented with using the existing sky to use as a filling, by various methods, but never found one that I really like. Personal preference.

The few I tried I left the space added to image a solid colour but used air brush tool to overlap so it’s not a hard line.

This reminds me I need to complete the AEB pano I took with dronepan.

There’s always this approach …


Like ;o)

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I may have the solution for filling in the REAL sky! :+1::+1:

Chances of enough detail to align with the normal pano images isn’t all that hopeful, though. :-1:

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I forget where it was now, but didn’t we see one last week that when you panned up, the top of the image showed the bottom of a Phantom drone?!

(if that makes sense?)

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Yes - and I’ve been thinking on that one, too.
I was contemplating Millennium Falcon/Chinook Helicopter/The Face of God (me!:stuck_out_tongue:) …

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Yes that was mine :grinning:

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More details please :smiley:

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I’m sure it’s really simple with some of the more techie pano stitchers … add a pic and manually locate.
Can’t do it in ICE, as far as I know.
I must tinker.

I just took a photo on the bottom of the P4P while in flight and cut it out using PhotoShop, I then followed this video but instead of adding it to the bottom it was added to the top.

The only other thing is your imagination :wink:



Pretty much as I was thinking. :+1:

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Quick first attempt ….




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It was very quick and rough and ready … I can already think of things to do to make it look better.
Even the pic of the MP was it laying on top of he washing machine upside-down. LOL!

You need to make it look like the rotors are spinning :slight_smile:

Difficult upside-down on the washing machine …. LOL!
Yeah - only knocked that together to prove to myself that my way of doing it would basically work.