"Switchable" ATTI for Mavic Pro

Maybe no switch as in like on the Phantoms, but still possible to alter in parameters to mimic.

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In this particular mod you do not remove GPS mode.

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It can be switched live, whilst in flight, at any time?


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Hmmm - OK - which mod is this? On which firmware versions?
How is the switching implemented?

Any links to documentation?

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Indeed - but the question was …

… which you (fundamentally, and in the context of that question) cannot.

To say otherwise without the qualification that you have to mod the MP is misleading.

Obviously they can modified to do all sorts - you could rip out the works and replace with your own hardware/firmware and fly inverted if you were really of a mind to - but I think demonstrating that you’d modded the MP to fly ATTI and not have any GPS mode when you are taking your PfCO would probably result in a fail.

Works on my .700

The parameters I have already posted allow you to enter Atti by switching from GPS to sport and back to normal, but you will be in Atti.

You cannot get back into normal GPS once switched, until the MP has been restarted, then the process is the same.

This gives you the beauty of always having GPS (normal) when you switch the MP on and the ability to go with to Atti, unfortunately as above you cannot get back to ‘normal’ whilst in flight, although you can get back to sports mode and have all the GPS you need, RTH works as normal in Atti.

However, a little workaround is to turn all the settings down in sports mode so it acts more like GPS, therefore giving you the best of both worlds (i.e Atti and GPS).

Only issue I have found is that the Mavic is a pig in Atti, its too small and light and does not fly as well as a Phantom and the slightest wind affects it.


Thanks - shall investigate.

I can fly the P2 in full manual OK - so chances are that’s about the same as the MP in ATTI … sensitivity-wise. No flips tho! :wink:

I love the text with that link …. "

Ha! :wink: