Take off

Hi tryed to fly my new parrot BEBOP 2 Drone today BUT when i press take off it FLIPS backwards i have calibrated about 3 times but still flips what am i doing wrong HELP,:tired_face:

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I’m not familiar with Bebop 2 but first thing that comes to mind is are the propellers fitted the correct way?

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Also my suggestion. With dji products they have the props colour coded. Ie the props with a white marking on the centre goes on the motor with the white marking. Is there my identifying marks on the bebop props, they might have RF, or LR (for right front or left rear stamped on them)

Hi again got it flying then the app on my phone stopped working so it just hovered till it ran out of power
i have mcafee on my mobile witch kept saying unsecure network on drone,so i think it was stopping the freeflight app from working i will re charge battery and try again, allso i reset props and it was stable, Thanks Great help,
how do i pm you, would be great to come and meet for some practice flying its a bit scarey,

Put your phone on airplane mode. That way there’s no interference from any other apps.
I’m actually in Notth Yorkshire near Selby. A bit away from St.Helens.
If you click/press on my photo it brings up all my details with a blue box underneath to send a message if you want.