Flying in Menorca, Mallorca, Majorca, (Spain)

Looks like I’m off to Menorca on the 12th work/holiday seen the shared links you guys have kindly shared

Does anyone know if there are any changes since the start of the year?


Lee I had the other thread on the daily photo.

I flew out TUI with no problem all drone gear at half battery and had to take it out for security.
I am in Cala n bosch at the far side on the island as far as I know nothing has changed. all the usual rules apply for me anyway as a recreational flyer not dissimilar in the UK.
A couple of things to watch I always set RTH at a minimum of 60m and transit at 30m depending on the wind the main reason is there are wires all over.the place.
Keep a look out for military areas as they are a few knocking about and don’t fly in National Parks.
If you check the map Mahon in right in the CTR and you will need to get around if you are based there. The scenery is quite rugged red soil and lots of greenery great bays and coves. Getting around is best by car there is no true coast road around the island and buses can be quite limiting. Taxis are expensive.
Sun set and sunrise are ten a penny but its now late in the season and the weather is changing. Watch out for the sea breeze and there has been some no flying days as the wind has been too strong.
I have had no issues flying at all Quite a few questing from early morning walkers

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Hi Lee,

Ive flown in Spain and all was good however remember to take out batteries and if I were you store them in LIPO safe bags whilst on the plane.

One thing which I would say is important and of great note is that regional authorities have the ability to issue their own drone regulation, so it’s a good idea to do local research before flying.

The rules are as follows:

  • Liability insurance is required for commercial drone pilots.
  • Drones may be flown up to 120 meters (394 feet) above the ground.
  • Drones may only be flown during the day. For drones with a take-off weight of less than 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds), flights may also be carried out at night as long as a flight altitude of 50 meters (164 feet) above the ground is not exceeded.
  • Drones must always be flown within the visual line of sight. During FPV flights a second visual observer must monitor the drone with the eye and be in direct contact with the pilot.
  • Drone pilots must maintain a distance of at least 8 kilometers (5 miles) to airports in uncontrolled airspace, or 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) on approved BVLOS flights.
  • Drone pilots must maintain a distance of 150 meters (492 feet) from buildings, and a distance of 50 meters (164 feet) or more from people not involved in the flight.
  • For flights in national parks, you need permission from the AESA. The use of drones in no-fly zones must be approved by the Spanish Ministry of Defense (processing time is approximately one week).

Are any of your flights for commerical reasons or just hobbyist flights?


last week had a trip to Menorca, just thought would share experience , which by all accounts was relatively easy.

Was my first trip abroad, only issue going through customs was to seperate drone from battery, my bad. no other questions asked.

On the island I was flying in relatively populated areas but ensured I told direct neighbours to the 4 locations that I would be flying and reassure not snooping on them.

Otherwise was just sensible, Spanish laws similar to UK in regards to amateur flights so was operating as a tourist in this case, only using M2P.


Did they ask you to do anything with the disconnected battery? I’m guessing you didn’t have any electrical tape or a spare lipo bag on you :slight_smile:

no lipo bags, just asked to take off of drone and keep in same bag, didn’t even ask about charge levels


I’d say it is always a good idea to have some because with some airlines they do state you need to put batteries in lipo bags

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will be getting some before the next trip definitely

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Hi there, Can anyone help me? i am trying to register myself on the AESA Spanish aviation site to register myself but the form is very confusing. has anyone else had the same problem?
If so and you managed to do it could you please send me the information to complete it.
on the form its has as follows
Natural person
Legal person
Public administration/ Public body
I clicked Natural person.
Do you carry out exclusively LCI and SAR operations?
Yes or Nerd i clicked nerd.
Nationality United Kingdom is not there
It asks for your first name and surname
Date of birth which is annoying
It ask for NIF/Tax ID which when i looked it up our NI number
Trade name
Prefix number which is set to +34
email confirmation address
Documentation to present which you have to upload a passport doc in pdf format
Did that.
Headquarters address/ principal place of business which i can only assume is that is where we will be staying
address of the administrator/Legal person in charge/ administrators address?
Mark this check if it matches with head quarters address. please note if this is checked United kingdom is not visible in the nationality box. it also has zip/ postcode, Municipality, Country, Province
Authorized representation/power of attorney data?

  • In the event of an inspection, this person will have access to view and update the discrepancies detected during the process. // In the event of an inspection, this person will have access to view and update the findings detected during the process.

Acting through an authorized representative/proxy other than the administrator/legally responsible/Action through an authorized representative different than the administrator

I have read the legal notice DATA PROTECTION/ I have read the legal notice DATA PROTECTION

Data controller: State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA). | Purpose: Process UAS operations in accordance with the Commission’s Execution Regulation (EU) 2019/947. | Legitimation: The treatment is based on Organic Law 3/2018 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council | Recipients: Data communications to EASA and the Ministry of the Interior are planned. | Rights: Access, rectify, delete the data, as well as other rights, before the Data Protection Officer, by sending a communication to the email / Responsible for the treatment: State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA). | Purpose: Process UAS operations in accordance with Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947. | Legitimation: The treatment is based on Organic Law 3/2018 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council | Recipients: Data communications to EASA and the Ministry of the Interior are planned. | Rights: Access, rectify, delete the data, as well as other rights, before the Data Protection Delegate, directing a communication to the email

Additional information: for more information click here ./Additional information: for more information click here .
then it has password repeat password.
ld someone please help. we will be leaving to Menorca in five weeks time thanks Shaun.
My Drone is a DJI Mavic Pro fly combo

I think there’s a thread on this already somewhere? May have some answers.

Thanks. its very frustrating.

Also look at:

HI Shaun
Just seen your post, not sure if this will help but when i went in Oct 19 and my memory isn’t great it was similar laws to uk and I didn’t register when i went and was just non commercial.

not sure if that helps or not, i have started using the lipo bags now though

Thanks Lee. I just want to make sure I am doing everything by the book. i have been contacted by AESA and they have sent me a link.
Dear Sir:

We send you information about how to fly a UAS in Spain

Operations in Spain by cross-border and third-country UAS operators

AESA has developed a new e4F (eSignatures for Foreigners) system to give foreigners access to all procedures for training of remote pilots, designed for identification authentication and electronic signature based on the use of established keys, who do not have access to the Cl@ve system because is only available to Spanish citizens. It is necessary to use the passport number for registration in e4F. The e4F is not available for UAS operators’ services, but only for remote pilots’ training services.

Cross-border or third-country UAS operators that intend to conduct operations in Spain1 shall follow these instructions depending on their country of residence if they are natural persons, or on the country where they have their principal place of business if they are legal persons:

1 Operations in Spain means all those operations that take place within the territory and airspace over which Spain has sovereignty.


To conduct cross-border operations in Spain2 in the ‘open’ category, by UAS operators registered in other Member State, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

Have a UAS operator number issued by the Member State of registration; and

Ensure that the UAS to be used in the operation are identified with the issued operator number.
Hope this helps and pass it on please thanks shaun.

I have seen posts about doing exams to use a drone on Menorca. I only have a DJI mini 2 (250grams) . What do I need to do, to use my drone on the island? It is registered in the UK. Doing an exam seems over the top . Is there just a registration I need to do, and if so, where can I find the link?

Moved your post to the thread where Menorca has been discussed.

Register in ireland or Luxembourg instead.

Then fly in Spain in accordance with their rules.

Make sure you have the EASA number on the drone.

Thank you for the information. yeah i did it yesterday which cost me nearly £60.00 but got my flying ID and registration ID to put on my drone which i will use masking tape as i am only there for a week and it has all my UK ID’s Labeled big time on it. Hope to get some great shots which i will be able to show you guys. Thanks once again Shaun.


Good Morning All.

In October i am going to Majorca and would like to take my Mini 2.

Am i correct in saying that to fly in spain using this drone i need to register with the Aesa ( I think i’ve gotten that right ) and obtain insurance. I read about passing a test as well. Does that count for sub 250G drones

cheers guys


Moved your post to this thread since I doubt Majorca differs to Minorca.

Both are part of Spain - so the national rules will be the overriding factor.

A search on this #travel-and-flying-abroad thread should provide more info.