Taking drone batteries on a Ryanair plane

Just need some advice from the more experienced colleagues. I am new to the scene.
I am travelling to Poland with Ryanair. Their policy regarding drones is very vague. It does not state how many batteries you can take with you, it only says about battery power.
Dji mini 3 pro - 3 batteries in total …
Can I take them all onboard ?

You help will be appreciated…
Thank you

According to the Ryanair website it states…

  • Drones/Quadcopters

Lithium battery operated devices such as drones and quadcopters are accepted for carriage in the cabin once the battery does not exceed 160-watt hours. If the battery exceeds 160 watt-hours, the device cannot be accepted on board the aircraft.

As the Mini 3 Pro battery is listed as 28.4 Wh x3 = 85.2 Wh

So you should be ok


That’s also my understanding… thank you :blush:

I taken 3 batteries of my Mini Pro 3 on easyJet flights
Had no problem….

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Should be ok … they are 18Wh each which sums up as 54 so should be no problem … thx :blush:

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Just make sure they’re at least half discharged. :wink::wink:

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I had Air2S with me on Ryanair flight. No one was even checking what is inside. Batteries fully charged.

I was flying to Scotland last year, and had the same concerns as you, but I need not have worried….
As a precaution I purchased a LIPO safe bag to put them in, but I carried the drone in my rucksack (with my laptop etc), popped it into the scanner (expecting to be asked to remove them) …. Not a murmur (in either direction on the flight).

I think they see them all the time, so no need to have any concerns.


Perhaps I’m living in the past Sparky, but some years ago batteries had to be placed in a Lipo bag and had to be at least half discharged ( not that airlines had the capability to test the charge o& the batteries ) :wink:

Traveled lots with Ryan Air and a drone no issues

Remember the airline does not check bags so they won’t know anyway, and I’ve never been asked at security who I’m flying with when it’s been through the scanners


I flew with Emirates to New Zealand earlier this year. On a trip like this I didn’t want to take any chances on being denied taking them on with me. I took 4 batteries discharged down to 50%, each one in its own LiPo bag, and the charger to show the battery level if required. No issues. I think it makes sense to put each one in its own bag. If you a multiple amount in one bag then if one turns incendiary you really don’t want it setting the others off.

Strangely, Emirates say no drones allowed in cabin bags. I guess they must have had some kid trying to fly his toy one in the cabin one time.

54m views ain’t bad ;o)

I was right about the kid bit. What an absolute twat,

Dude got me into drones, one of the best storytellers/editors on YT, he near enough invented vlogging

You got a link?

Regularly take the Air 2s and 7 batteries. All are in lipo fireproof bags apart from the 1 on the drone, never had an issue with BA, Ryanair, sleazyjet or play … So far

My advice would be to make sure that you have a copy of the Ryanair battery policy with you when you check-in for the flight (both outgoing and return). Remember that foreign airports can have some strange policies of their own. Good luck!!

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All done … no problems at all … they have not even looked inside the bag

Thank you

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Great . . . . . but
Remember you have to get home at some point.
You don’t want your batteries confiscated at the return airport.