Talking TED

I watched the video in @Mungmeister’s drone to phone topic on YouTube and stayed for a couple of follow-on videos chosen by the YT algorithm.

This, about state of the art research with drones some six and a half years ago, caught my eye:


That’s a freakishly cool video! I kinda knew this level of maths had to have taken place but it was great how he explains it. Thanks for sharing :+1:

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Thanks for the link, and what a great TED talk - when people are applauding a drone, you have got to be impressed.
What I liked the best: that you can hear Raffaello talk whilst his drones were flying. They seemed super-quiet…

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Thanks for sharing that great video

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Seen this a year ot two ago
Agree it’s very clever stuff
Steve :slightly_smiling_face: