Tarred with the same brush

Sorry a bit of a moan coming but I also want some advice…

I have been flying drones for a few years and by my own admission I haven’t always stuck to the rules as they are now but as education and awareness has increased I now consider myself an airworthy law abiding citizen.
Now, in light of our current situation, a bit of isolated drone flying away from people is just the thing we all need however I have a local drone flyer who is intent on ruining it for all of us, a DJI Inspire (I believe) has been flying above the neighbourhood, hovering over houses for uncomfortable lengths of time then buzzing off far away back to where I assume it comes from.
I did wonder if it was a Police drone at one point but when it started chasing the Red Kites about I realised it wasn’t.
This, as you can imagine has annoyed the neighbours and some of them have asked if it was me, I have assured them it is not but you can see my issue.

What can I do about this, I’m torn between staying out of it so I don’t add fuel to the fire with regard to drone hate, and also finding out who it is so they can be dealt with?

Advice appreciated…Cheers, Luke…

If the red kites bring it down you can have a good laugh. But you could get the police to watch for it, and hopefully they will get caught

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Hmmm, the same thing has been happening over our village. Dunno who the culprit is (and I’ve not seen or heard said drone, seems to be over the other side).

I’ve been waiting for the knock on the door, given my (perfectly legal) photo of the village in the snow at dawn is published all over the place, including a huge print in the community centre (when did village halls become community centres?).

But it’s all been peace and tranquility, though I suspect that’s more to do with me not being on social media, so not easy to rant at, than anything else.

I’ve decided to keep my head down and not say anything.

You could always get your drone up next time you see it, and follow it back to its owner, and report them? :rofl:
(J/K, obvs)

With the aforementioned snowflakes ;o)

Id stay well out of it - not your problem.

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