TBS Sixty9 (crossfire and tracer)

An interesting new product from TBS.

A nano RX combined with an improved unify pro32 nano VTX in one board. Comes with Immortal T antennas and both 20x20 and 30x30 mounting options as well as an optional tin shielding box.

Video to the live stream here:

Skip to: 9:44 for the start of the actual stream.


I like the idea. Especially the shielding. It has always been advised to keep the rx and vtx away from each other.
Looks like they are really trying to be the big player on hobby flying stuff. Be great if they went digital, though I believe they wouldn’t tell you they are developing it until they can get it right.


I wish this was a thing when I built my toothpick and my Podracer lol :man_facepalming:t2:

You could always upgrade them all now for probably £150+ :rofl:

To be fair, the mount board I used in both builds has done the exact same thing lol


Minus all the fiddly soldering lol

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Yeah the new Sixty9 has a plug in connector that you just plug into the Sixty9 and then solder the other end to the flight controller lol so only cuts the soldering to the actual mount board. Lol

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But if you get them, the existing stuff are then spares. You always need spares

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Although its actually cheaper to buy the Sixty9 rather than buying the RX and VTX separately lol

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Dean. What’s this?

What’s the UK price? I can only find the US $50 price

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I’ll have spares when my vistas are delivered lol

In 2025 :rofl:

Don’t know yet as TBS have only just released it today so non of the uk dealers have stock yet lol

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Ah that’ll be why I can’t find them anywhere :rofl:

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The latest CRSF protocol from what I can tell its improved latency between the RX and flight controller. Need to be running the latest firmware on all the TBS stuff as well as the latest release of betaflight.

Oh and needs to be on the latest version of OpenTX and this is what is causing the delay. Soon the Tango2 will be running OpenTX and not freedomTX as the OpenTX devs have agreed to implement all the changes that TBS made to their branch of OpenTX (freedomTX.)

TBS are waiting on the OpenTX devs releasing the latest version with all their changes before they roll out CRSF V3.




Thats not a bad price :+1:t2:

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And it has upto 1W output power. Isn’t the nano unify Pro 500mW ?

Its a giveaway!

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