Teign Estuary

6 shot pano of Teignmouth. Manual exposure and stitched in Lightroom.


Lovely shot! Great colours :ok_hand:

Thanks. Just a slight grad to boost the sky.


That’s a superb pano, well done! :+1:t2:

Thank You!

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Great photo. I wouldnt know where to start manually stitching a pano together :exploding_head: Nice job

Lightroom does the stitching automatically and does it very well.
As far as exposure is concerned it’s just a matter of making the right choices on ISO (100 best) then balancing aperture and shutter speed using the histogram display.
With good light you can keep noise to a minimum and detail (clarity) to a maximum.

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Download a small program called ICE
Image Composite Editor

Great little program that does all the work for you from standard panoramas to tiny planets.

Honestly so simple to use and only 4 steps to produce the finished product.

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Top quality shot there. Well drone!

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We need a laugh during lockup. :rofl: