Tenby, South Wales

Not managed to get a great deal of use from my Mavic Air since getting it (about a year ago!) but did take it on holiday to Wales. Although very windy most days I did get to fly quite a bit (yeah, just fly over the sea and ignore wind warning messages telling you to land!). Slightly long video but want it for family and so on so maybe not ideal for some. Had fun editing but still learning a lot as I go. Hope some of you enjoy…


Really good video well done @Cyc

Really nice vid m8, well done

Enjoyed the video, nice work . I love that area.

Love it

Good work, a brilliant advert for “my” county of Pembrokeshire.

Excellent video. Used to live out that way myself and I wish I had had a drone then. Top video, great place :metal:

I think that’s the best home holiday film I’ve ever seen! Personally I would have left it as two separate clips but otherwise brilliant, we’ll done.

What software did you use to transition the framed stills into the video? I like the effect :+1:

It’s something that can be achieved quite simply with most video editing software …

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Thanks Dave
I’m using Openshot currently and I’ve not seen this but I’ve not tried either tbh. I tend to keep vid & pics separate but I like what @Cyc did here.

It doesn’t exist as some kind of instant function in Davinci Resolve. Just created it with the tools that do exist.


Oh, and I wasn’t using a still (although I could have), just did a freeze frame in a video.


Some great footage, well done!

Thanks for all the comments, glad I didn’t waste my time creating it :slight_smile:

As for the photo slide show effect, all editing was done in Adobe Premiere and I followed this YouTube tutorial for the effect:

I managed to follow it up to the last part where he adds swivel and tilt for a more 3D effect. As soon as I adjusted any photo with swivel or tilt the white borders would disappear behind an invisible frame. Didn’t have time to sort that out so left it as it was, still looked fine to me.

Even the ‘write-on’ text effect for ‘Tenby’ at the start had to be created. Followed this guide for that if interested:

@Lozzer Thanks for your comment. As for 2 clips maybe you’re right, would have kept the time of each to a more suitable level. May even still break the 2 up.

I wish I got more distant shots, especially in the 2nd part but the wind really was worrying me. As soon as I went any higher I was getting the high wind warning, please land ASAP.
Not sure about you lot but after every flight especially when looking back at the video you have I always think ‘if only I had got a shot from over there’ or ‘I wish I had done a zoom out from a certain position’. I just seem to be concentrating so much on flying the drone you forget what shots you had in mind before hand. Is this just me or others find this as well? I think in future I may write down some of the shots I want before taking off…all part of learning though.

Yup… My time in wash up is always bittersweet. Sometimes it’s “wow… That worked really well”, but mostly it’s “what a muppet… Why didn’t you…” :man_facepalming::rofl:

Great video and location :+1:t2: