Tennis club promo

Just finished editing a piece of work I did for the local tennis club - which I then added to my own promo blurb.

Great fun to edit too as it’s nice to have some decent points to track from for once!


Big thanks to whichever forum member chose to give this a “thumbs down” on YouTube. Cheers buddy, that’s a massive help. :roll_eyes:

That video is publicly accessible, could have been anyone, from anywhere in the world?

Unless YT tells you who downvoted and you’ve matched it to a name on the forum here? (I don’t know, never uploaded to YT before)

If it was someone here, get naming and shaming.

I can see it was done at 12:59 today and the traffic came from an external player. The only place it’s embedded is here

If someone doesn’t like it, that’s fine. I’d just rather they left a comment here so I can improve it rather than messing with the YT algorithms.

At some point over the weekend I should be able to get a location & age etc for the viewers so far as that’s just processing now.

Got a thumbs up from me


Or did it…? :grin:

Nor my Missus!!


Oh so it’s just mine you don’t like then :sleepy: meany!

Don’t agree with thumbs down buttons, people spend alot of time making these videos, like them or leave you don’t have to dislike something.

As my mother always told me, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it”

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Totally agree, except about your videos. I have no feelings about them, I never watch them. Your photos are bad enough to complete with :kissing_heart:.

If, as Lee says, you have constructive criticism then by all means share it. Whether privately or on the forum is up to you. It always seems a bit sneaky if that makes sense, like ruining someone’s work because it’s better than yours.

Maybe it was a mistake and they pressed the wrong thumb and didn’t realise. Maybe.

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Im sure you can unlike an unlike

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Maybe said person didn’t know that. Maybe now they do they may remove it. Maybe.

Yeah of course you can look

I meant on YouTube



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