Tertowie house

Had a fly round this derelict house. There is an underground bunker here capable of withstanding a nuclear explosion. (I now know where to go if Kim pushes the big red button.)


Nice video mate.

Is the bunker still accessible? Hadn’t heard of this so some googling found this from few years back. Link

Yes, the bunker is still open. But you really need wellies to go inside as there is a couple of inches of water oh and of course a good torch. I had neither just my phone. I went in a little standing on boards and stuff thrown down. I intend to go back sometime with my camcorder and video light to explore more.

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Cool, post up the vid if you decide to go back mate.

what drone did you us to take this?. Is the footage edited?

I have a Mavic Air. A little bit of editing and auto colour correction in Adobe Premiere.

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Thanks for letting me know :grinning: