Test for 360

Not a good photo particularly but I needed to test if I’ve got the hang of using Kuula and posting correctly.
Thanks to previous post by RaRaRasputin back in Sept '18 :+1:
If it works I’ll be trying again with more (hopefully) impressive images! :laughing:


Hi @Davalan1

It’s working perfect. :+1:

I’ve been in same boat recently about 360° and learning how to transfer to Kuula and making wee mistakes. Even thou I’ve been flying for 4 years now as up until recently I just used for fun and shared with friends and family :rofl::rofl:

I also in the past never bothered with Nd filters as basically Im a old fart and plug and play is what I like and let it do its thing in auto settings and maybe adjust while flying but I honestly say I was a fool as I bought Nd filters for the first time couple of months back and the difference is amazing, and if I can understand Filters anyone can.

Reason I’ve mentioned filters as I might be wrong but a Nd 8 been ideal Or 4 if 8 was not sufficient enough to bring the best on lowlight.

Hopefully be more as I love 360° shots.

Thanks for your comment ziceman.

This was a test and I’m glad to see that it uploaded properly. The image was a quick shot for test purposes and I didn’t bother to do a quick levels adjustment. It was a gloomy day so the image looks dull.
I have tweaked the levels a bit which I should’ve done in the first place (and re-posted). Regarding your comments on the use of ND filters. For still images I use these only for archieving very slow shutter speeds to blur movement in a frame. All they do is reduce the light entering the lens. Their use on still images such as 360’s is of limited benefit then?
ND filter also have an important use in Video clips to smooth out the shot and provide movement at the edges of the frame.
Thanks again for the feedback.


I’m always learning myself so thanks for you reply :+1:

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