We’re holidaying this year in Thailand and I thought it’d be a great idea to take my Yuneec Breeze for some holiday shots, having looked at the procedure you have to go through to get a flying licence I think I’ll pass, talk about jump through hoops and then it’s not a guarantee that you’ll not be thrown in jail :grin:
But do others take their drones on holiday abroad, is it a difficult task ?

There is a good thread here on how to go about it. Yes it’s a pain, but I don’t think I would fly there without a permit there could be too much trouble with local police (they like their tea money and you wouldn’t want your drone held hostage).

I looked at taking my Breeze earlier this year but got bogged down with the pain of getting a permit, only to be buzzed on the beach by a DJI 2 or 3 times within a week, whoever was flying was no where close as it shot right across the bay :smiley:

Im just updating this thread as I live in Thailand.
Unless you are here for over a month just leave your drone at home !! You will definitely NOT have enough time to get the paperwork done in under a month. As a resident I was able to get it done quicker, but for tourists they drag their feet instead of helping - typical Thai officialdom sadly.
However, if your not on a time limit then get it done because the scenery is awesome once your out of Bangkok and the other large cities.
Check online, as the regs change daily and they will expect YOU to know, not them.

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Thanks for the update, @silverfox682.

Do you have a link? (In case that 2 year old DJI Forum link is not up-todate. :wink: )

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Yes, forget the DJI one - WELL out of date - I will put up the Thailand link shortly

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The best link is to google :
These 2 are well known for giving precise lists of what you need to do.
As its Thailand, you WILL get the run-around from one office building to another, they are not being difficult, its just how Thailand works. Being a foreigner, its definitely a good idea to enlist someone to translate but if you follow the instructions on the site and have all the documentation, the officials will try to help, but you MUST have all the paperwork ( Thailand officialdom loves paperwork ).
Its a chore, but unless you are up north, the police WILL see you as a source of “tea money” so its not worth it around the usual tourist spots like Bangers or pattaya.


I’m heading to Thailand next month for a family visit - am contemplating taking my DJI mini 2 with me but wanted to know if anyone has had any visits there and would be willing to share their experience?

Thanks. Steve

@Breecy1959 we have moved your post to an existing thread on the very same subject.

You still around @silverfox682 to give an upto date answer ?

I lived in Thailand for 20 years and will say this, to get anything done in Thailand takes time and money, you can usually speed things up by paying someone who knows someone in the right department to present your papers on your behalf otherwise your papers could keep getting put on the bottom of the pile., the grief and cost will make the exercise unviable, plus as has been mentioned you WILL get the runaround and as a farang you will get a double dose of Thai red tape.
Even if you go through all the hoops and get the permit to fly there is no guarantee that the police local to where you are will give you a free ride, tourists bribes are the local bobbies main source of income.

Hi bud - yep still around but I lost my HDD so need to get grey arrows sorted again on my new laptop.

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Hi again Chris, looks like I finally managed to get back into Grey Arrows on my new machine :upside_down_face:

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Hi & sorry for a late reply. Ive lived there and still do so I can offer the following if it helps.

  1. The flying there is terrific providing you are well outside of a city = use common sense, don’t stay in the air too long and you will be fine.
  2. it IS illegal without the Thai paperwork which takes weeks to get - on arrival, immigration might well ask you about the drone, if your licensed etc - just tell them you have already made application and are hoping it will be available soon.
  3. if you apply now, you might be lucky and have it prior to arrival.
  4. Key question is - where are you going as your base ? If nowhere near Bangers, Khon Kaen, Udon then you should be fine for quiet flights at dawn or sunset.
    Hope that helps a bit, anything else just ask now Im back at Grey Arrows.
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And prey that they do not ask you to pay a bribe or they will confiscate it until you produce your paperwork.