Thanks for allowing me to join


hi everyone
im Paul been in the drone industry for about 5+ years i am an admin on a facebook group of over 5.5k members we started off as just a inspire group and now we have opened it up to all dji enterprise platforms. its a drama free site with no drone police or aggressive members.
ive come here to try and unlock my inspire 2 from the nfz dji have placed on it and at present its stuck on not allowing me to roll back fw any further . when dji implemented the nfz it cost me heavily because of the work i do with drones around the uk , anyway looking forward to getting to know you


Welcome Paul
Enjoy your stay there are a few Inspire 1 owners who may be able to help with yours few issues and like all good things three will probably come along all at once :grin:


hi Sparkman thanks for the message when it comes to techy stuff im a bit of a dunce haha so i need all the help i can get.
im good at flying though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just looking and you have been to some of the more relevant posts already
As I said someone will be along hopefully to answer yours question
It’s sunday they may be at church…(yeh right)


or just been to Mick’s Monster Burgers !!


I will scroll through see what I can find the only church I ever went was a night club :joy:


Where’s the burgers :hamburger:


Apparently I’m replying to quick…story of my life


Follow the Portsdown Hill meet today


Is that Portsmouth?


yeah, somewhere “dan sarf”


Hello and welcome Paul, we sort of know each other already but not sure you will remember.


Hi Rich you from wales ?


Yes, Cardiff.
You won’t know me directly but you might remember if I say Folly Tower and the story you were told of a foggy morning in September 2017.


I do remember haha…Jaymie is still missing been over a year now still can’t believe my best mate has vanished


If your ever out and about keep an eye :eye: out for him


I know, I still look out for him while out and about, there was reports of him being spotted on Mumbles Pier on New Years Day, my mate who was with me when we met him at Folly Tower was going to go down that way to take some photos, he was going to get in touch with Gwent Police but not sure if they would tell him anything.
We were not sure how true this is though.
Have you heard anything more recently? I don’t want to keep bothering Tammy all the time.


Ok so we heard about the mumbles and just recently someone said they saw him in York but it wasn’t him ,
I’m thinking mumbles or 3 cliffs could be a cave down there he knows about . We spent some time all along there.