Thanks to PingSpike

I just want to say big thanks to PingSpike (and I thought I had the weirdest name). I really like the idea of a more relaxed forum/club, and I’m delighted to be asked to join. Look forward to some interesting discussion and learning more about my Mavic.


Hey @PsychoTeapot welcome to the Grey Arrows Drone Club :smiley:

Yeah, my name… lol :slight_smile: It came about around 20 odd years ago… I used to do a lot of online gaming back in the day when broadband hadn’t even been invented and we were all struggling with our dialup connections on 56k modems and eye watering phone bills :rofl:

When trying to play games like QuakeWorld, I was forever getting killed due to connection speed lag and “ping spikes”… well, that was my excuse anyway :smiley: The name just kinda stuck :slight_smile:

So, how long have you been flying the Mavic? What do you think of it so far?

Have you got / had a bad case of accessory-itis like most of us here? Rumour has it that a couple of GADC members are cured… personally, I’m still suffering from it :blush:

Please do share your experiences and #media with us :+1:

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Welcome Psycho

Got visions of Alfred Hitchcock running through my mind sitting down for afternoon tea lol.

Pure genius. Mate, if you were nearer I’d buy you a cold one.

Beer, I mean, Not tea,

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Welcome to GADC @PsychoTeapot, great to have you with us. Yeah, we’re a pretty chilled lot considering we fly £1K pieces of kit off into the unknown for fun. :wink:

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Hmmm… I’d never thought of our hobby like that before… :thinking:

Oh well, here goes nothing :rofl:

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“flying £1K pieces of kit off into the unknown for fun”
That’s gotta be worth putting on some tee shirts. So cool.

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Hi and welcome.