That first venture out


Hello guys :+1:

So few days ago I took possession of my Mavic Pro Platinum and I’ve took the advise from you guys on here, I’ve read the manual and watch a whole days worth of tutorial videos from you tube and gained a load of knowledge.

Going to take her out tomorrow but it’s that first plunge out of beginner mode, I kinda get dizzy feeling watching it rising up Into the air and when I send he off I then get that thought of what if the signal is lost…

Really excited but for so nervous aha


I know how you feel, I am following the advice given to me on here, read a lot and watch the tutorial videos and take it slowly.



You know you feel giddy and think what if it just falls out the sky lol


Good luck with it. Let us know how you get on & maybe post a pic?


Make sure the battery is clicked into place, and it shouldn’t fall out of the sky.
Check that the compass is calibrated…(The DJI dance).
Choose a nice open space first until you master the flight characteristics.
After powering on, wait until it tells you it has set the home point.
Make sure the RTH is set on your controller, you can set it to either Hover if it loses signal, or return to home point. (I have mine set to RTH)
And away you go…it’s so much fun


There’s a really good checklist on here that @chrisjohnbaker posted that covers stuff like this. It’s worth finding and printing.


Thanks Brian,

Is there a menu I can go in to double check the return home location is updated to the the empty field I’m going to take it to, from top of me head it’s too right hand corner of remote to the 3 dots and then it’s one of them options…


Don’t forget to get the NATS app to check that where you’re planning to fly from is legal


On the bottom left corner of your phone or tablet screen connected to the controller and everything turned on, it should show a map. Tap on the map to enlarge it to full screen. That shows your aircraft as an arrow on the map, check the arrow is where the aircraft is actually sat ready for take off.
One other BIG TIP which will save you a lot of money…
The controller charging cable is almost square, it’s ever so easy to put it in the wrong way round and this bends the little tab inside the controller usb point on the side. It will then snap off leaving you unable to charge the controller. A repair is an option but at a cost, a new controller is expensive…sooo either mark the cabkecwith a dot of white paint so you know which way is up, OR as I have done, bought magnetic charging cables. (eBay them) or use ‘Geek’ direct from manufacturer. The magnetic part doesn’t affect anything and it stays permanently in the controller, attaching to the cable by magnetism rather than constant plugging/unplugging


This can be found in the “Members Only” area under
GADC Members Information Pack.
Lots of useful Documents that may be helpful to New Members to enable them to plan their flights and carry with them when flying.