The best way to learn to Fly FPVs

Hello guys I have been watching some videos recently with Quad FPVs being used for cinematography. I am thinking about getting my foot wet. how can i start practicing? should i be using simulators etc? I am also thinking about the yet to be released dji FPV. Any thoughts and advice? thanks in advance

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Yeah, try a simulator like freerider, velocidrone, liftoff etc

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There are a couple of threads that have covered this already, I’ll link them at the bottom. First of all I would definitely look into the simulator to start with. As it isn’t as easy as the YouTube videos make it out to be. Infact its completely different to flying a camera drone as the controls are 100% manual no GPS position hold as such on an FPV quad.

FPV: My Experience and kit list (with links)

So you want to fly FPV?

100% look into a simulator but make sure to get a transmitter that can connect to a pc rather than using a games controller as the sticks act differently.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, appreciate your help guys. I will have a look

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You’ll love it! But be prepared for a lot of frustration…