The Black Death & the Lost Villages of Dorset

Hey folks, it took a while putting this together. Thanks to @Clive.R for the idea :clap::+1:

I take follow the trail of the Black Death :skull_and_crossbones: in 1348 through Dorset, England, in search for some of 19 villages that were wiped out following the pandemic :rat:.

I visit Weymouth Harbour, where the Black Death first arrived at Britain by a ship from Gascony. I then move on, in search of the Lost Villages of Holworth, Bardolfston, Lazerton and Knowlton. Together with my drones, I manage to see a glimpse of what these villages looked like nearly 700 years ago :astonished:

The Black Death claimed the lives of half of Britain’s population, 2.5 millions souls. 25 million people died from the Black Death in Europe, and 125 million people worldwide :fearful:

I really do hope you enjoy it! Cheers all :+1:


Fantastic!! Can certainly see that a lot of work (both “leg” & “head”) went in to the making of that. Really enjoyed watching it and actually learned something!

Thanks for putting that together

@clinkadink …nice mixture of photographic skills and an interesting video to watch, very informative it all works well Chris a big thumbs up from me ….Alan

A new career awaits you Chris.
Brilliant job!:+1::+1:

Nice docu style, liked it, great footage. It’s give me some ideas, more than nocking out wacky drone vids trying to use every effect prem pro has to offer. Nice one. :+1:

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Thanks for another great video Chris - enjoyable and informative. :joystick:

Thank you all. I am glad you enjoyed it. I learned a lot making this video. There was so much that I wasn’t aware of. And the viewing these lost villages from above was amazing. Thanks again :+1:

Love this video the blend between b roll and drone footage is perfect well done

Great film Chris, very well done. :clap: :clap: Looked like a lot of hard work went in to the making of it.

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@sdj_drones Shaun, @Drumsagard John, many thanks, glad you liked it. Yes, this was quite a bit of work, 14 hour day, filming and driving, 193 miles, 288 files, 35GB. The editing was done over 3 days, probably about 12 hours in total, comprising 93 clips.

@firstadekit Ade, Thanks. Yes, I’m aware of the road hum too. I will try and reduce it in the next one.


I always liked history when I was at school, the one subject that really engrossed me. I just wish we’d of had the technology and teachers to tell it like you have here.

Fantastic story telling and the video really is very good. Many thanks for putting that together, that’s exactly how history should be taught to pupils. Thanks.

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Very well put together. Enjoyed that and learnt a bit too. Excellent

Thanks @d95gas Graeme, oddly enough, I wasn’t that interested in history at school, even failed my exam :wink: But as the decades roll past, I love it more and more. Glad you liked it :+1:

Cheers @Ozzie Ivan, really glad you enjoyed it. I learnt a heck of a lot myself :joy: Cheers :+1:

I envy the kids your OH is teaching, if only they knew how lucky they are and what they have available to them in the world today.

I come from schooling where nobody ever thought there would one day be a “Personal Phone”, let alone all the tech we have now.

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Well done mate loved it. Don’t know what you do for a living but I think you should start filmmaking.

You nailed it :facepunch:t2:

Cheers Steve, that’s awesome feedback :heart_eyes:

I build reports for a living, but would much rather make films! :grin::+1:

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Excellent, I learned something new, thank you.

Late to the party but just watched this.

Awesome work - really enjoyed it.