The Daily Photo Thread


Have you been out flying today?
Be sure to post some photos of your flight in this thread for us all to see!

Don’t forget to share you settings with us too, it will help us all become better :slight_smile:

Ill start things off with a photo I took today of the Silver Jubilee Bridge…

Colour profile: True colour, custom white balence of 6.5k.

Parrot disco for £299 anyone?


Padstow Lifeboat Station

Colour profile: Normal
White balance: Sunny


Endurance 3120 50kw. Baby turbine repair today.


Nothing awesome … just playing with Pano - PhotoSphere mode.
It’s a shame there’s not an easy DJI Go4 method of creating higher res TinyPlanet images … other than just a screenshot from the app. (Not that I’ve read about or found, at least.)
Anyway after over 2 weeks of hospital/recovery, this was a first time out of the house, and very pleasant!
Love the one over the river under the trees … the treetops extending way to the edge of the image. (Annoying you can’t get a screen shot without the top/bottom title bars, too! #Grrr!)

Five-a-Side pitch.

Rugby Pitch

River Itchen - beneath the trees.


Share it to Skypixel then export it from there. :+1::ok_hand:


Yeah - yeah … loads of ways one CAN do it. But why no quick/simple route direct from the phone gallery like anything else!? :confused:
Remember - whilst I’m out-n-about, my Mavic device is strictly airplane mode - if only I could send from the gallery to my other (online) phone (via cable) and post from there.


The busy M1


Im loving this thread already, great pics everybody keep them coming!


So when I’m not fixing turbines I’m training guys on rope rescue as part of as an instructor for Recuse 3.

Here’s a few photos from today while the guys practiced. Drone was in fact a good way of getting eyes on.


Wow. This is cool


Thought I’d try a night flight tonight at the Merseyflow


They came out great @Reuuc :clap:t2:

Any tips for night time settings??




Love it, nice job dude!


I’ve never really had good go at night flying until tonight. I cranked the ISO right up to fly to my photo ‘spot’ brought it down to 100 and then put my sutter speed on 2.5 so it takes the photo over 2.5 seconds. There was apsolutly no wind tonight so it was perfect for it!
I didn’t fly with a ND filter.

Had it set in white balence 6.5k again (as thats natural day light) and colour profile true colour… not that it made much diff :joy:


Ye would be like wearing sunglasses in the cinema :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Somebodys bound to ask otherwise! :joy::joy:


That’s a clever idea!


Cracking pictures Reuuc :+1: