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No filter, iso/100 1/500

ND filters are rarely used (or should be rarely used) in aerial stills photography. They have no effect on contrast, colour saturation or sharpness. They are used in video photography as a means of controlling the amount of light reaching the camera sensor so as to permit a shutter speed suitable for the frame rate to give a “cinematic effect”

Let Tech Drone Media explain:


Nice vidio,.
Yer I understand the values on ND Filters.
As you say in your reply “ND filters are rarely used”. That would indicate some time they are used.
I just wanted conformation a + or - on ND filters. For my reference.

The Bridgewater Canal


There have been other previous discussions on this subject and the only reason to fit ND filters for still photography would be if you needed to slow the shutter speed to achieve motion blur, such as at a sports event. Apparently, graduated ND filters are available for some drones, to help balance the light between bright skies and a dark landscape, but if you shoot RAW, or use merge multiple shots in post, you will get a similar result without the faff.

CPL filters will have more effect with stills, as you can control the direction of the photo to achieve the best polarisation. I usually look through the filter before attaching to the lens and adjust to get the best effect, remembering that you need to shoot at roughly 90 degrees from the direction of the sunlight for that to happen.

A few photos taken this morning in east Manchester using the Mini 2. Featuring the Manchester Tennis and Football Centre, the National Squash Centre, the Manchester Regional Arena and some football stadium or other.


Did you have to unlock to fly? What time did you take them? did anyone bother you?

Yes, the location had to be unlocked on the DJI site in advance, which was a faff.

Taken this morning around 10am.

There’s a spot along the canal which was very quiet. PM me if you want details.


Last night’s red sky over Glasgow, Mini 2 from my back garden. I nipped out during the ads in the golf :grinning:


Early morning at Leigh on Sea in Essex. Nothing special, just an ND8 filter I’d forgotten to take off :smiley:


Taken just a few minutes ago here in N Petherton. :scream: 0-Hail in 60secs.




Put the Mini 2 up for a quick photo while I was on Calton Hill last night doing some photography. This is a 3 image pano looking west from Calton Hill to Waverley Station, Princes Street and the Castle.

Mini 2 - 1 sec @ f2.8, 100iso.


Very stable and sharp for 1-second exposures!


Yeah, I was surprised myself as there was a bit of a breeze blowing. This little Mini 2 just keeps getting better and better.

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POW! The Prince of Wales bridge or Severn Bridge over to Wales at sunset yesterday evening with the 2Pro.


WOW Fantastic pictures is that The Florida Keys?

I wish mate, thank you :pray:

Great pics Steve, love the third one down, light on the bridge is lovely :+1:

Thank you john, light was stunning last night, took these with an ND16 on as i was planning to film but only ended up taking photos. Turned out lovely though. :pray:

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i see now just read “Prince of Wales Bridge” :man_facepalming: