The Daily Photo Thread

A couple of tests from my first Mini 3 Pro flight this morning. Just a very quick edit in Affinity Photo.


Really like the bottom one @TheFatController :clap:t2:

I like the last best too. Where is it Paul? @FatController :thinking:

Composition looks fine to me mate, your framing of a shot has always been good IMO.

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I like vertical shots, no idea why they think they’re only for social media posts :grinning: :man_shrugging:

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Bangor Co. Down, our city hall.

Cheers mate thanks col

I do to tbh, only prob for me is, when I crop I lose quality :grimacing::smiley:

I was messaging @Kirky about his composition but get your point anyway. :+1:thx for the location though. I think Bangor’s a tad far to visit from my neck of the woods. :grin:

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Would be good for RTF top down comp!

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Pyrton Hill in the Chilterns last April. Air 2S.


I was down in Portsmouth today, specifically Southsea for the the RTF challenge. It was too windy for the most part but managed to grab this view looking up into Portsmouth Harbour to the Spinnaker Tower, Gunwharf Quays and the Portsmouth Cathedral.


Out again today, dodging the heavy rain storms that seem to be zipping around Hampshire. Farley mount’s been posted here before and there are many more better photographs of this folly.

Location: here, directly east from Winchester.

This would have been my option had the “folly” subject been chosen for this current RTF and that was part of the reason for heading out to this spot, I wanted to see what this looked like “straight down”, not great is the answer, there are much better examples already on the challenge.

Still, it’s an interesting place to fly with an interesting story concerning the horse named ‘Beware Chalk Pit’ which is buried under the monument.

There were periodic breaks in the cloud cover but the wind was still a problem, I was just glad to get the drone back down ( near me ). The best shots are typically much higher and farther away but I couldn’t make any headway against the wind, I had to switch to sport mode to get some control back, but I was able to catch this view looking due south from the mount across the Hampshire country side.


Flown there many times … including at night with lights mounted on my MP illuminating the monument. :+1:

Getting there at night would be challenging, I was momentarily airborne today in broad daylight :slight_smile:

Been up there quite a lot at night. Moderately good for astro-photography.

Took the 3rd time-lapse in this post up there in July '20.

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Reverse parking a steam train


Easier than a 3-point turn. :wink:

DJI mini 3 pro trying out Tripod mode this morning and doing Panoramas.

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