The Daily Photo Thread


Those last two …. with fog! :+1:
That’s what I was hoping for the other morning.


I found the trouble with little or no sun, that the fog seems to really deaden the light


Would need to be thin mist. perhaps, more than fog.
I’ve seen pics in that style and the streetlighting goes all hazy and atmospheric.


Love all your picts


Thanks! :+1:


Time-lapse of sunset this evening in Cape Coral Florida -
music is Autumn Changes - Eric Matyas; -


Beautiful sunset timelapse




great shots Bonnie !, how many shots to get that timelapse?


New Forest ponies and their shadows.


Lymington River, Balmer Lawn, Brockenhurst, New Forest


It’s gonna rain!


It just had …


A great set of images Dave - the dark clouds look so threatening. Really like the top one with the little rainbow :rainbow: in the distance. :clap:


As you can probably imagine, those Cb were causing some serious gusting and squalls … I seem to remember the high wind speed warning being on most of the time. LOL!


think that’s gonna be an every increasing problem over the coming months!!!


Hopefully Cb (cumulonimbus) will soon be less frequent a things cool down.


love these early morning fog shots


Thanks! :+1:


Oh, and welcome to GADC! :+1::+1: