The Daily Photo Thread


No, the Inspire took it.
It was checking for a landing spot.
Seriously, this is where it went down on it’s second pass.


Was walking inside there only a few weeks back, spectacular place from both inside and out !.
I flew from the road that goes round the base of the Castle, towards the boating lake.


I wasn’t that far away from there Chris - I was flying from the riverbank through the large main car park. I want to go back again both in the morning and try and catch the evening sun from the other side and maybe even the autumn colour on the trees.


Thats from a Pro 2 ?


Nope!, believe it or not Joe it’s from my little Mavic Air, on that day.


Time lapse of sailboat (no-wind) race


Would be good for the image to be posted here! :+1:


Foggy morning …

River Itchen … not that you can see the river. :thinking:

St Catherine’s Hill - Winchester

Standon - just SW of Winchester

Hursley - village just SW of WInchester

IBM’s UK Headquarters at Hursley Park


Fantastic set of pictures Dave, never managed to get the mist and light that you have. Particularly love the images of St Catherine’s Hill, Hurley, and IBM HQ :clap::clap::clap:


I almost missed it all. Looked down the road …. clear as a bell.
Only checking the M27 cameras did I realise there was quite a bit of it about … so grabbed the MP and set out. Pleased I did.


I bet you are, and never thought of looking at motorway cameras, another great tip Dave :wink:


Truth is, I had hoped to get some night shots of motorway junctions all lit up in the fog I’d predicted … and it was then that the road was clear, so just watched the MotoGP and missed that.

Only later did I see a tweet about fog on the M27 and think … “FOG??? WHERE???” and think about the M-way cameras.

Certainly something I’ll be using again.


Me too from now on as now have link saved with drone apps !!!


I liked the dewy spider webs the other morning. #Bonus :stuck_out_tongue:





Visiting my folks in cape coral Florida …


Heacham Beach taken on a mavic pro and edited in lightroom.


Was in a “should I or shouldn’t I” go out tonight, and I didn’t, but did manage to get a few shots of this intense sunset tonight from the back garden. Lesson learned, if in doubt - get out there!!!


And these are straight from the camera, no filters no processing other than to crop a bit from the bottom section.


And them I turned around and saw my village as I had never seen it before! Looking forward to trying some more night shots as the nights draw in. Again straight from the Mavic Air - no post processing- though I will have a look at what more I can bring out from the raw images.