The Daily Photo Thread


Thanks Dave !:+1:


Do I qualify for a Misty Moments badge?

Taken with the Spark and Phantom 4 a while back, I knew I’d done a timelapse but can’t remember how I did it :grin:


How kind, thank you!


I missed the sun setting but still found some interesting colours in the fading light.


Yes indeedy :+1:

Love that last photo there @TimD :smiley:


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Churchtown House


Loving those autumn colours in the golden light :+1:


Took my Mavic to Lowther Castle in Lake District last Friday and managed a couple of quick snaps before getting a tap on the shoulder. Was only in the Air for 5 mins and managed to grab these.

Although there was no-one around bar my family and I’d back off 200m. I was asked to land. I considered this an early lesson.


Where had you taken off from? From within their property of from outside the land they own/manage?


Who asked you to land?


It was their own land. I moved right out the way of anyone into a clearing, so was pretty safe in that regard however I did have that feeling that maybe I was being a bit cheeky. Shall refrain from such cheek in future.


A groundsman who had received word from is boss who had spotted the drone. :roll_eyes:


The estate seems to own rather a lot around there. Makes it difficult. :frowning:


Yeah . Tbh it didn’t feel right. I was going to keep it in its case but it was so beautiful and with No1 around I thought I’d grab a pic or 2.

Will show more respect in future.


Wish we got colours like that for change of season!! Once the rain comes I hope to get some cool lighting. Your pictures are beautiful!!


very intriguing shot!!


One from the Fireworks Challenge, what a challenge!, constant signal loss, drone doing weird manoeuvre’s, without input.
Struggled to keep control, as my full video clearly shows !.


My gripe with signal loss is, that the drone swings sharp left or right when RTH kicks in, because the drone has lost signal.
Would love to know why it does that?.
Why doesn’t it not just simply hover, keep its direction, so that you can move to see if you can improve signal strength.


Did you have front obstacle detectors turned on? I was told to turn them off when flying in the dark because any sudden bright light makes the ODs kick in.


Am I the only person that has all the sensors turned off all the time?
Managed quite OK without flying into anything with the P2 that didn’t have them.

OK - yes - I would use them if I was going to attempt a (lunatic) Litchi mission like some people … eh @colinbm :wink:

(I still love that video of it … miles away … but still navigating the tree foliage with alactrity! :wink: )