The Daily Photo Thread


I still shudder thinking about it. Sensors FTW.


Front OD were turned on, had no problem with them kicking in, loss of signal was mental, RTH kicked in on me at least 3 times !


One from today, didn’t go far because of the wind and rain, just went for a walk over the park.


Love the colours, what’s with the blue path?


Thank you Paul.
Is it blue? It looks dark grey on the iPad and my monitor, wet from the rain :umbrella:


Never seen a blue tree, until now?


It must be the preset I used in LR :confused:
I used to use Punch and Direct Positive in a lot of shots but then stayed away from them and did everything manually, in a rush I used them again today with some adjustments :blush:


Thanks for pointing this out fellas, the sat on the blue was up at +68, sorted now and looks much better.


It’s still blue :smiley: Quite like the blue trees, the blue path is distracting though


I’ve taken blue and aqua out so I don’t know how.


Wet path reflecting blue sky I reckon.


Good answer :+1: I still like the overall image


Beautiful shot @MementoMori loving those colours :ok_hand:


but, I still love the bloody picture !


I’m can’t remember if there was any blue sky to be honest :grin:

Thank you Paul.

Thank you Brian.

Thank you Chris.


nice colours -
very interesting :slight_smile:


Thank you Bonny.


Autumn colours are great. This is on the Ridgeway near me


Autumn Trees


great colours in that photo Dave !