The Daily Photo Thread


The Spark takes extremely good photos…
Here’s a 360 globe I took over a mates house when he asked me if I could help him look at the flashing on his roof.

I guess most of you know this, but just in case someone doesn’t - I used Microsoft ICE to edit that Globe together. Dead easy to use, you can also make pano’s from video and it’s free :+1:


Great pano!! Can’t see the flasher on the roof, though …. :wink:

It also gets you the Birds Eye Viewer badge!


He’s in the other photo! (Allegedley)


I’ve just had a look outside at the full moon - not a lot of clouds and no wind either… :wink:


Yaaaay! :+1: Ta :smiley:
Loves me some Badgers!


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Amazing colours in that one @SpininB :+1:t2:

I love the colours of the sun hitting the edges of the land :slight_smile:

Where was this taken? What’s the name of the bridge there?


Just love being able to get to places that are otherwise uneasy to get to. :+1 :grin:


That’s some very low flying! :wink:


It was indeed got pretty close to the fence :scream: but what’s not obvious is that the fence overlooking that lake sits on a bank that falls away beneath the drone to a river.It was dark enough that I had to use the bottom aux light on M2P to make sure I didn’t get into trouble. :blush:


Agreed! That’s one of the attractions of this hobby.

That, and simply the new (amazing) perspective it puts on everyday common things and places :blush:


Agree wholeheartedly. :+1:. Gaining the confidence with my new toy on where it’ll get to is half the fun!! :grin:



Benefits of working from home on a Friday


What a cracker! :+1:

Golden Hour Flyer badge on its way!


that’s an awesome view!!


Love that! :+1:


It was cold, it was early, but there was no wind!

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The Fog of More…

Sherdley Park is still under a blanket of the stuff :smiley: