The Daily Photo Thread


Some more from a quick trip out the other day.


The Thames today. A bit misty for too much more sadly


Had to do it - Even if it was windy.


The shot of the bridge is from a recent break in Devon taken with a Phantom 3 Advanced
The 2nd one is an abandoned swimming pool in Bristol taken with a Mavic Pro


very cool shot!




Love the last 2 photos 2 Bonny. :+1:


Love the 2 sunset shots well done!


Or should I say sunrise?


I had some great flights at the end of last week…got loads of pics but I thought I’d share my favourites…

Eynsford Castle, Kent

Abandoned USAF quarters, RAF Upwood, Cambs

The mighty Welland Viaduct, Rutland

St Andrew’s Church, Woodwalton


great photos !


very nice


View to the coast on Isle of Wight


Hi @Nick , and welcome to GADC.

It would be great if you posted something about yourself in #introductions if you have a few minutes.

I see you have the Mavic Air … as do many members. So, any questions, and there’ll nearly always be someone with an answer.

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I’m quite enjoying Night-Flights at the mo :+1:
The piccys are terrible compared to the standard demonstrated by everyone else - but I’m trying :smiley:
Here’s one from last night…


Looks pretty bloody good to me Dave :+1:t2:


Thanks Rich :+1:
I generally don’t take photos - I just like to fly :wink: - However, I’ve found that the settings on the video feed when it’s on photo make the live feed considerably brighter than when it’s in video mode at night-time, (regardless of ev/iso).

Funny story for you all though… and I suppose it should be in the Daily Photo Thread
I went down to Cronton Lane by the Tarbock roundabout yesterday to fly around the Colliery site before it’s redeveloped over the next few years, (1500 houses and Business units and a park).
There is a side road just opposite it that leads to a farm and an open cast mine, that’s where I parked and launched from.
Shortly after takeoff, a Land Rover drove past me and I thought nothing of it. Later, I pointed the M2 camera back at where I was parked and noticed the car had parked up facing me with his car partially hidden around a slight bend and hadn’t continued to the farm or the mine.
I took some photos during landing and I’m unsure of what the chap was doing. Don’t forget - When I turned around I couldn’t see anything apart from the headlights and the farm is quite a way further down the lane.
I’ll let you lot theorise as to what was going on.
(I later found out that this road used to be notorious for dogging! :rofl: )

Where I am for reference… I’m at the lower edge of frame under the N/A



And you just happened to stumble upon this location… :thinking:



100% true story!