The Daily Photo Thread


Thanks for your comments guys. Hopefully later today i will have a new video up with the colliery, working on it as we speak.


The rusty colouring on those photos are ace. Something almost steam punk about’em :ok_hand::+1:


Now,flying drones over derelict buildings is what drones were made for ! love these photos ,keep up the good work :+1::+1:


Nice photos, that reminds me of so many places here in South Wales.
I must try and get to Tower and Blaenavon collieries soon.
Cwn Coke works is a big industrial place not too far away from me as well.

Are these worthy of an Industrial Revolution badge @PingSpike?



Cool photo!

What’s with the ripples in the water on the right side of the bridge, but not the left?! :thinking:


Thank you Rich.
I think it was just shallow there as opposed to the other side.


Two for the price of one today…


Love the first one! :+1:


I flew a waypoints circuit around a local windfarm this week (MP2), taking as still image at each waypoint position. This was the best composed image, which I thought worked best as a monochrome, with the blue sky darkened to show up the turbine blades.


B&W works really well on that!


Same for me, nicely done @leeheyes


Loving the high contrast b&w image and the depth of the image. :ok_hand:


Like the B&W a lot, think I’ll do more


We had a couple of foggy mornings and was able to get out early yesterday. Some of the shots look like I am high up when actually I rarely went above 75m. What was staarnge was that looking up the sky was quite clear. The first ones are of the Spinnaker Tower and Lipstick Tower in Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth. The second is virtually 180 in the opposite direction with the sun just rising above the clouds. Still to work in a video.




Same for me when I took the ones off Calshot Spit … and earlier, when it was darker, I could see my strobes up to max altitude … but not 25m horizontally.


Another set of excellent photos @BrianB
where am i going wrong
oh yes I’m shite


Thanks Jeff, I just daft enough to get up at silly hours and in silly weather, well that’s what the wife says!